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Aspirin Prevents Lung Cancer
We've previously seen that low-dose aspirin use prevents cancer, and does so by a number of mechanisms, such as iron[...]
Protein Fights Fatigue
Many people have vague health complaints, that they just don't feel well or are tired all the time. (I've been[...]
Anti-Aging Drugs Rapamycin and Metformin Decrease Iron
Anti-aging drugs rapamycin and metformin decrease iron. Rapamycin and metformin are the most touted drugs with the potential to increase[...]
Cancer As a Metabolic Disease and Iron
The theory of cancer as a metabolic disease states that metabolic aberrations, not gene mutations, cause cancer. (Previously discussed here.)[...]
How Blood Donations Deplete Iron
A reader asked me a question that stumped me at first, so here's the question, and my answer as to[...]
Ketone Supplements Extend Lifespan
Very Low Carbohydrate Ketogenic Diets Eating a very low-carbohydrate diet results in the production of ketones, which the body uses[...]
The Dangers of Liposuction
Note from P.D. Mangan: I was recently contacted by a woman who wishes to remain anonymous. She told me some[...]
Guest Post: Fitness Challenges of Older People and How to Overcome Them
By Gary Baker Being an older fellow and trying to be physically fit can be a daunting combination. However, speaking[...]
CHEKD + Rogue Health and Fitness Optimized Health
I've teamed up with Aaron Grossman, M.D. of CHEKD to offer comprehensive lab testing and medical exams. Dr. Grossman founded[...]
From My Forthcoming Book: Can You Get Too Many Plant Polyphenols?
In my forthcoming book on supplements, Best Supplements for Men, I give some consideration to the dosage of polyphenols, the[...]
Aspirin, Salicylate, and Cancer
Following are some thoughts on aspirin, salicylate, and cancer. Executive Summary: Aspirin prevents cancer Aspirin has two modes of action,[...]
How to Make Lifting Weights a Maximum Anti-Aging Workout
A recent study found that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) robustly increased both aerobic capacity and mitochondrial function in both old[...]
Possible Toxicity of Green Tea Extract
There are reports of possible liver toxicity with high doses of green tea extract (GTE), and since I've discussed GTE[...]
Is Viagra the Most Potent Heart Disease Drug?
Erectile dysfunction (ED) is associated with heart disease, which is logical, since erections depend on the circulation of blood, and arteries[...]