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Has All Dietary Advice Been Wrong?
Sometimes I get the feeling that those in our entrenched nutritional and health establishments don't know what they're talking about.[...]
Why Americans Are Fat and Sick
Around 80% of the American people are overweight, obese, or skinny fat. That leaves 20% who are of normal weight[...]
Resistance Training Treats Depression
Depression has been called the common cold of psychiatric disorders, and at this point, huge numbers of Americans take antidepressant[...]
Senolytics, an Anti-Aging Technology
A new class of compounds known as senolytics may revolutionize anti-aging medicine. These compounds target and selectively remove senescent cells,[...]
Metabolic Syndrome Promotes Chronic Disease
Metabolic syndrome is the most insidious promoter of chronic disease, such as heart disease and cancer, in the U.S. and[...]
Ketones Protect Arteries
The health of arteries is vastly important for aging and prevention of chronic disease, most notably coronary artery disease, and[...]
Carbohydrates Increase Death Rates
Health authorities have told us to eat more carbohydrates - "healthy whole grains" - for the past several decades, as[...]
How to Lose Weight without Hunger
There are many ways to lose weight (fat), but some entail much more difficulty than others (bariatric surgery), while others[...]
The Anti-Aging Blueprint
I'm proud to announce the launch of my new course, The Anti-Aging Blueprint Masterclass. Are you worried about an older[...]
Insulin Is at the Nexus of Health, Disease, and Aging
In the last two articles, we discussed the importance of a low-insulin lifestyle, and how modern foods, particularly seed oils,[...]
Why Stress and Recovery Are Essential for Long Life
Stress and recovery are essential for long life and good health. While we usually think of "stress" as something bad,[...]
Vegetable Oils Lead to Insulin Resistance
Of anything you can do to avoid chronic diseases like heart disease and cancer, keeping insulin and insulin resistance low[...]
Why a Low Insulin Lifestyle Is Essential for Health
As you age, you have an increasing susceptibility to chronic disease, and much of that is due to insulin resistance[...]
How Ultra-Processed Food Leads to Obesity and Chronic Disease
I've written a lot about getting in shape, staying lean, and anti-aging interventions, but it's become clear to me that[...]