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Welcome to Rogue Health and Fitness. I'm P. D. Mangan, age 62. On this site, we use scientific evidence to show men how to be lean and muscular, and what to do for maximum strength anti-aging. Read more...

Fasting Insulin
A blood test for fasting insulin can be one of the most important that you get. It's important because it[...]
Exercise Capacity, the Most Important Health Risk Factor
Exercise capacity is closely related to both aging and to health. Exercise capacity declines with age, and people with low[...]
Healthy Drinks
Lots of attention has been given to what food is healthy and what isn't, but less has been given to[...]
Americans Are Now Fatter Than Ever
The obesity epidemic shows no signs of slowing, and Americans are now fatter than ever. When looked at in terms[...]
Cleansing and Detox Don’t Work and Are Pseudo-Health Practices
"Cleansing" is the practice of using a special diet for several days or even weeks with the end of cleansing[...]
Iron Supplements Increase Infection Risk
It's been known for some time that iron supplements increase infection risk, because people who take them have more infections.[...]
How Much Exercise Is Too Much?
Exercise is known to be healthful, one of the healthiest things you can do. It's said that if exercise were[...]
Is Fruit Healthy?
The idea that fruit is a health-giving food, or even that eating fruit is actually necessary for good health, is[...]
Dietary Protein Strengthens Bones
Osteopenia - a decrease in bone mineral density - and osteoporosis - the pathological loss of bone density - are[...]
Obesity and Aging Are Linked
A just published paper makes the case that carbohydrate restriction with high-intensity interval training is the optimal combination to treat[...]
Do Calorie Restriction, Fasting, and the Ketogenic Diet Have the Same Anti-Aging Effect?
Calorie restriction (CR) is the most robust and effective life-extension intervention known, and intermittent fasting shows great promise in life[...]
Dietary Carbohydrates Promote Aging
Dietary carbohydrates are usually thought of as healthy or at worst benign, and current dietary guidelines suggest eating plenty of[...]
The Risks of Excess Medical Treatment
Medical treatment by a doctor is not risk-free. In an ideal world, medical diagnosis would be perfect and treatment would[...]
Iron-Induced Cell Death: Ferroptosis
As I wrote about in my book Dumping Iron, excess body iron stores are implicated in many diseases, including heart[...]