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How to Lose Weight without Hunger
There are many ways to lose weight (fat), but some entail much more difficulty than others (bariatric surgery), while others[...]
The Anti-Aging Blueprint
New: Use coupon code ROGUE for 30% off list price. I'm proud to announce the launch of my new course,[...]
Insulin Is at the Nexus of Health, Disease, and Aging
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Why Stress and Recovery Are Essential for Long Life
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Vegetable Oils Lead to Insulin Resistance
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Why a Low Insulin Lifestyle Is Essential for Health
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How Ultra-Processed Food Leads to Obesity and Chronic Disease
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Cheese, Butter, and Eggs Are Good for You
Health authorities and dietary guidelines have told us for years to avoid high-fat animal foods like cheese, butter, and eggs.[...]
Interview with High-Intensity Trainer Enrico Dell’olio
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Three Reasons to Avoid Testosterone Boosters
I recently did some research on testosterone boosters for a private client, and what I found out was somewhat disturbing.[...]
The Rise and Fall of Heart Attacks
Before the 20th century, coronary heart disease was all but unknown, but starting in the 1920s, the rate of heart[...]
Meat, Saturated Fat, and Long Life
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The Number One Cause of Chronic Disease
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The Most Important Lipid Panel Marker
Many people regularly get tested for cholesterol, and the test usually includes other markers and is known as a lipid[...]