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A Discussion on Iron and Health with Leo Zacharski, M.D.
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Do Vegetable Oils Raise Heart Disease Risk?
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How Omega-3 Fatty Acids Improve Health
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The Importance of Exercise Intensity
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Vegetable Oils Promote Aging
Wrapping up a series of articles on how industrial seed oils, aka vegetable oils, endanger health and promote male infertility,[...]
Vegetable Oils Promote Male Infertility
We recently discussed how industrial seed oils, better known as vegetable oils, are dangerous to health and should as much[...]
Carbohydrates, Not Saturated Fat, Are Correlated with Cardiovascular Disease
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How to Increase Insulin Sensitivity, and Why
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Protein Supplementation Increases Muscle Mass
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Vegetable Oils Are Dangerous to Health
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Red Meat Is Health Food
Many health authorities denigrate meat, especially red meat, saying that it will clog arteries, cause cancer, and ruin the planet.[...]
Why Ray Kurzweil’s Supplement Stack Is the Wrong Approach to Anti-Aging
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Anti-Aging Technology Hype and Reality
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