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Welcome to Rogue Health and Fitness. I'm P. D. Mangan, age 62. On this site, we use scientific evidence to show men how to be lean and muscular, and what to do for maximum strength anti-aging. Read more...

Women Find Men’s Strength Their Most Physically Attractive Trait
A question of age-old interest to men is, what do women actually find to be most physically attractive about them?[...]
Does Vitamin D Prevent the Flu?
Influenza (flu) epidemics occur in winter, and rarely if ever in the summer. Vitamin D levels in humans are lowest[...]
How Much Vitamin D Do We Need?
  Do we get enough vitamin D for good health? Many people are vitamin D deficient, and what's more, there's[...]
Strong Bones Improve Brain Function and Slow Aging
Strong bones are usually thought of in the context of osteoporosis, the pathological thinning of bones in old age. Osteoporosis[...]
Low Testosterone Is Associated with Insulin Resistance
Testosterone (T), the hormone that gives men their male sex characteristics, declines with age. T is also declining over time,[...]
Blood Donation Increases Insulin Sensitivity
Insulin sensitivity is crucial to both health and slowing aging. Decreased insulin sensitivity (or increased insulin resistance, same thing) is[...]
Cold Thermogenesis
Cold thermogenesis, or the generation of heat through exposure to cold, has become popular recently, or as popular as something[...]
Why You Should Never Feed Your Child Commercial Infant Formula
Commercial infant formula is an abomination, a concoction of chemicals and industrial "food" that you should never feed your child.[...]
What an Amish Mutation Can Tell Us About Long Life
A new study found that people with a relatively rare mutation live longer than those without it. The mutation was[...]
Fasting Insulin
A blood test for fasting insulin can be one of the most important that you get. It's important because it[...]
Exercise Capacity, the Most Important Health Risk Factor
Exercise capacity is closely related to both aging and to health. Exercise capacity declines with age, and people with low[...]
Healthy Drinks
Lots of attention has been given to what food is healthy and what isn't, but less has been given to[...]
Americans Are Now Fatter Than Ever
The obesity epidemic shows no signs of slowing, and Americans are now fatter than ever. When looked at in terms[...]
Cleansing and Detox Don’t Work and Are Pseudo-Health Practices
"Cleansing" is the practice of using a special diet for several days or even weeks with the end of cleansing[...]