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Aging Starts Young
Answering the question "what is aging?" is essential to having the ability to do something about it. As we'll see,[...]
What I Eat
As much as I believe in the importance of a good diet, and try to practice what I preach, I've[...]
Targeting Hypercoagulation for Anti-Aging
Coagulation (clotting) of the blood is an important process that keeps us from bleeding by stopping blood flow in a[...]
Self-Stereotypes and How to Overcome Them
Stereotypes are empirical generalizations, and they are largely true. That's how they got to be stereotypes. As such, they can[...]
Does Iron Cause Cancer?
Does iron cause cancer? On one hand, those who have read my book Dumping Iron as well as my articles on iron may[...]
Three Ways to Increase Your Self-Confidence
Self-confidence definitely belongs in a conversation on health, since it makes for better mental health, and being self-confident means that[...]
Higher Altitude Means Much Lower Death Rates
A new study from Austria reports "Lower mortality rates in those living at moderate altitude". As we'll see here, higher[...]
Science-Based Weight Training
Misconceptions and wrong ideas abound in weight training, probably because so many enthusiastic amateurs are involved in it. In this[...]
Aspirin Dramatically Cuts Prostate Cancer Risk
Aspirin is perhaps the most underrated and cheapest life-extension drug currently available. It increases lifespan in mice and prevents heart attacks[...]
Do Statins Work?
Statins are used to prevent heart disease, and are among the most prescribed drugs in the world, racking up some $20[...]
Processed Food, Supernormal Stimuli, and Obesity
Obesity has dramatically increased in the U.S. over the past several decades, and what Americans eat has a lot to[...]
Nobel Prize in Medicine for Autophagy Research
In the news today it was announced that the Japanese scientist Yoshinori Ohsumi won the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physiology or[...]
Heavyweight Boxer Ed Latimore on How He Trains
Ed Latimore, 31, is a professional heavyweight boxer whom I've got to know through Twitter. He studies physics at Duquesne[...]
Why Japanese Men Have Far Less Heart Disease
Coronary artery disease, the type that causes heart attacks and is generally known as heart disease, is the leading killer[...]