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4 Reasons to Take Whey Protein for Muscle and Health
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Longer Life Through Lower Blood Sugar
Many experiments and studies on life extension have found the interesting and important result that lowering blood glucose (blood sugar)[...]
The Normal Values for Testosterone and Why They Matter
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The Low-Salt Fiasco
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Much of Aging Is Just Poor Health Habits
Aging means a deterioration in the body and an increasing propensity to breakdown and disease. Scientists who study aging are[...]
The Rogue 8-Fold Path
The Rogue 8-Fold Path: Right Diet Right Exercise Right Sleep Right Ambition Right Mindset Right Discipline Right Livelihood Right Social[...]
How Alcohol Causes Anxiety
It's well-known that excessive drinking of alcohol can lead to next-day anxiety. That anxiety can in turn lead to the[...]
Rapamycin Anti-Aging Medicine: An Interview with Alan S. Green, M.D.
Rapamycin, a drug used as an immunosuppressant in the treatment of organ transplant patients, may be the most potent life-extension[...]
Blood Pressure Drugs Extend Lifespan
Common and cheap blood pressure drugs extend lifespan in animals by inhibiting the renin-angiotensin system. This pathway for life extension[...]
Video: Do I Take Testosterone?
For lots of ideas on how to boost your testosterone, get my new book, Best Supplements for Men. PPS: Check[...]
Berberine May Reduce Cardiovascular Risk
Berberine (which I wrote about here) is a herbal supplement obtained from a number of different plants, which Chinese medicine[...]
A Walk in the Park
PS: If you want to learn more about the right supplements, check out my new book, Best Supplements for Men.[...]
Grey Hair Reversal
I once asked whether there was a cure for grey (or gray) hair. There might be, because my hair is[...]
Why Older Men Should Lift Weights
Aging means loss of muscle. Men at the age of 80 have typically lost 50% of the muscle they had[...]