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New book, “Muscle Up”, coming soon

Muscle Up I’ve been working on another book, this one on the health benefits of strength training, and it’s called “Muscle Up: How Strength Training Beats Obesity, Cancer, and Heart Disease,


How to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle at the Same Time

Most people who work out, especially if that workout is lifting weights, do so for the effects on body composition. They either want to lose fat, or gain muscle, but the question always comes up: how to


Ten Best Books on Health and Fitness

If you’re looking for a few good books on health and fitness, you won’t go wrong with any of these. I don’t claim to have read all the most important books in this area, but these are


Vladimir Putin lifts weights, so what’s your excuse?

The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has been known some time now for his public displays of alpha masculinity, like riding in a small submarine to the bottom of the Black Sea, helping to tag a tiger