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Muscle, Fat, and Weight Loss

The best thing you can do to get and keep a trim body is to pay attention to your body composition, the proportion of muscle and fat your body has. Unfortunately, hardly anyone knows or does this. This


Don’t be a victim of muscle loss

Unless you take active steps, you will lose muscle One of the striking facts about men as we age is that we become less manly: we lose the vigor associated with young men, we decline in the hormone, testosterone,


Inflammaging, muscle, and sarcopenia

As we get older, our immune systems, like other systems in aging, begin to malfunction. This is such a key component of aging that a term has been coined for it, inflammaging. This condition is characterized


Overcoming anabolic resistance for the older man and the hardgainer

Not the author What is anabolic resistance? Anabolic resistance is the phenomenon in which muscle does not respond to stimulus with normal muscle protein synthesis, but rather a reduced response.