Are you interested in testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) but can’t find a doctor willing to help?


Maybe you’d like to lower your iron levels via therapeutic phlebotomy, but don’t know where to find this treatment.


Rogue Health and Fitness has teamed up with Aaron Grossman, M.D. of CHEKD, so you can get customized lab testing, medical exams, and the treatment you need.


Click here to go to CHEKD + Rogue Health and Fitness Optimized Health and purchase health packages.


At CHEKD, sign up for one of the packages of lab testing, along with a consultation on your results. Three of the packages come with Complete Head-to-Toe Physical Examination.

  •   Expert Consult: Discuss your results with an actual Health Professional who understands what Real Optimization means. Yes, an actual conversation.
  •  Personalized: Protocols and plans tailored to your actual numbers and personal goals. Only what you need, nothing more.
  •  #1 Across the Board: We only provide the best Practitioners, Pharmacies and CLIA Certified Laboratories. American Made.