Consulting and Coaching


Consulting and Coaching

If you’ve read many of my articles or books, you may have come to a point where you’d like to get personal advice. If so, you’ve come to the right page.

Personal coaching and consulting can make a big difference in whether you take action towards your goals, or whether you merely read and put your goals off for another day. Many people also need individual, personalized advice, not generic one-size-fits-all help. Your age, sex, body mass index, time constraints, and more can all make a difference to the goals you’d like to achieve and how you can go about achieving them.

One of my clients, age 54.

I can consult and coach you on diet, health, and fitness. I take a holistic approach; to achieve optimal health, all aspects of diet, exercise, sleep, hormones, and more, must be dialed in correctly.

If you need to lose weight, gain muscle, fight aging, or get answers to your health and fitness questions, I’ll consult with you on Skype or phone.


Gain muscle and lose fat through a training program designed for the individual – you.

Diet, nutrition, and supplements

Get better body composition and fight aging through good nutrition and proper supplementation.

I can teach you how to plan and follow a program that builds muscle. If fat loss is your main goal, I can help there. I can teach you what you need to do to bulk up if needed. On my program, you can readily achieve weight loss and muscle gain, and you won’t be hungry.

That’s me, P. D. Mangan, July 2017, age 62.

Please note that I cannot diagnose or treat any medical condition.


Consultation call via phone or Skype, one hour: $129; one half hour, $75.