My Current Workout Routine

Here’s a brief run-through of my current workout routine. Maybe it would work for you too.

I’ll keep this short and hopefully informative. Here’s a video of me doing weighted dips just last week. See the chipped paint on that dip station – that’s my gym, I love it.

Awhile back I wrote about my high-intensity workout routine. Not much has changed; here are my A/B split workouts, which I do once every 3 days, along with a pic taken 2 days ago after my workout.

I occasionally do some jump rope on my off days, otherwise I just walk a couple miles.


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My Current Workout Routine says May 25, 2017

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David Ayer says May 26, 2017

Upright rows put your rotator cuffs at risk.

    Erika says June 20, 2017

    Upright rows, when done properly and kept close to the chest, work the deltoids and trapezoid and don’t put that much strain on the rotator cuff. External rotation and posterior rotation when the shoulder/elbow are at 90° each is when the cuff can get in trouble.

KENNY says May 26, 2017

I need a tip of Wat to use when u work out

Matt says May 28, 2017

Very solid routine, care to explain your “HIT cycle”?

    P. D. Mangan says May 28, 2017

    I just get on a stationary bike and cycle all-out for 20 seconds.

Jason Roberts says May 28, 2017

Have you noticed any new hair growth on your head? Is it even possible?

    P. D. Mangan says May 28, 2017

    Not sure, Jason, possibly, but my hair is getting darker. I have an upcoming post about just that.

Anthony says May 30, 2017

You mentioned no intermittent fasting in the 24 hours immediately following workout. What is your meal schedule in that period? Thanks.

    P. D. Mangan says May 30, 2017

    Pretty much normal, breakfast, lunch, dinner. I eat when I’m hungry, always low carb.

Nick says May 31, 2017

Remind me to try to stay on your good side and address you as “sir”.

Those dips…my counting suggests you do about 2 sec up 2 sec down. Do you do dips faster than other exercises? I’m envious in any case, as I struggle to do one dip, unweighted. I just have weak shoulders and chest for my size, though I’m making progress on them. A goal of mine is to do dips for that deep pectoral development.

Have you been growing? Are you (still?) doing TRT of some sort?

Me, I’m just back from 3 weeks away, during which I only managed 3 sessions of doing bodyweight stuff in the flat where we were staying. It’d been a long time since I’d done any pushups…they were harder than I expected. Of course, I never tried doing them as s-l-o-w-l-y as possible in the past. And the planks that the little woman taught me, including side ones. Those are going to
replace the work on abs machines at the gym, which are too popular anyway.

Back in the gym for the first time in nearly a month yesterday for legs & abs. My newly-discovered squat machine is my new bitch: . .

What I did differently yesterday was to place the balls of my feet all the way to the back, to use the calves too. And it worked. I don’t put much weight on it, but go as slowly as I can, holding the weight in the middle of each direction a bit. I love it.

I also did a set of jumping burpees at the end of the day, thanks to your prompting. Nearly barfed.

That reminds me…I hear tell of people working themselves so hard that they puke. I’d never experienced anyone hurling in the gym when I was going in the 80’s, nor here these days. (People here don’t work hard enough though.) During serious HIIT, I can sort of see it happening, I’ve almost felt like puking myself a couple of times. Can’t imagine not doing it fasted.

Nick says May 31, 2017

One more thing about your A/B split. If you’re doing these every three days, aren’t you doubling up your back, biceps, & triceps work with that particular split?

    P. D. Mangan says May 31, 2017

    Hi Nick – I think I hit biceps and triceps every time, but not back. Regarding your previous comment, I was definitely doing those dips too fast. If you want to see a real high-intensity workout, check out this guy on YouTube. This guy has the best slow, controlled motions I’ve seen. After seeing a few of his videos, I did my latest session much slower, and it was a real ass-kicker.

      Nick says May 31, 2017

      Danke P.D. for the new rabbit hole of his blog. Seems he’s quite young and has a bit to learn about how to feed himself ideally, but his form’s great.

      From what I can see, I go even slower on some exercises, and it’s reassuring to see he goes quicker on shrugs, which I have a really hard time doing really slowly…common sense, I guess.

Nick says June 15, 2017

Reality check, please. It’s been a year or so since you first brought Mentzer-style HIT to my attention, and I’ve been doing it ever since, though normally with 2 sets instead of 1. (3 for isolation arm work)

Help me be sure I fully understand the advantage of 1 set to utter failure, please. It’s the way the muscle will respond in recovery, I presume. If I do one set on the bench to failure at 90 seconds, do a set of curls, then return for a second set on the bench where I have to stop at 50 seconds, this second set would amount to over-training, right? If I’m *really* doing the first set to failure, I should just leave it at that, right?

Tomorrow is upper-body day, and I want to convince myself to do just ONE set of compound moves, but really to exhaustion, and then to leave them at that. I’ll do doubles on the arms though.

I’ve just re-read the previous articles and comments going back a year. Thanks again, including everyone who posts around here.

    P. D. Mangan says June 15, 2017

    Hi Nick – I’d say your summary got it right. If you go to true (utter) failure, then a second set isn’t going to help grow muscle, or will (possibly, at best) have severely diminished returns, while at the same time eating into recovery. Like you I occasionally do a 2nd set when I’m unsure if I really went to failure the 1st time. But I’m more likely to do a drop set (continuous). I think drop sets are a good way to work out if, like me and most people, you don’t have a trainer pushing you. With a drop set, you’re guaranteed to get to failure.

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