Deadlifts for Reps

Here’s a video shot today. I’ve been concentrating not on increasing my max load lifted, but on increasing the number of reps. By the end of a 10-rep set, even 245 pounds feels like a lot – anyway, to me it does.

Deadlifts for reps, 245 x 10.

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Deadlifts for Reps says January 8, 2017

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Andreas says January 8, 2017

Hi P.D.,

You look strong, but I still think you could use a bit of work on your form.

The following video from one of the CrossFit groups provides a great comparison to yours.

Of special note, your video still shows you rounding your back and beginning to straighten your legs before you engage your hips. You end up doing more a a “Good Morning” than a “Deadlift”

Looking up say 30 degrees above parallel to the floor might help position you better. Looking down to parallel to the floor almost always seems to roundly back.

Take a close look at how the lifter in the CrossFit video maintains a flat to arched position of his spine throughout the deadlift movement. Getting this down, will give you a far more powerful deadlift, engage your entire posterior chain of muscles more effectively (even optimally), and help protect you from injuring weaker links in the chain.

Even this video could show a bit of improvement. Look at seconds 15 through 17 in the video. While the form looks very good, it would make for an even better, stronger, and safer lift if the movement originated more from the hips moving/thrusting forward almost parallel to the ground at the outset of the lift.

I turn 65 in a few months and I’ve had to study these basics ever since I started pushing around heavy things in my teens.

Still pushing/pulling for my own personal best. Great videos like the one I linked to from CrossFit have helped a lot.

Keep pushing and pulling. Your site continues to inspire and inform.


    Paloma says January 10, 2017

    Congratulations, PD! Nice record!
    To improve your form, you could check this video out:

    I would correct that rounded back before it hurts you. I believe that you might open a little bit more your legs and the buttocks would go backwards just the amount needed to make your movement perfect!

    Still loving your site! 🙂

Dave says January 9, 2017

I counted 2 seconds each for eccentric and concentric phases – what happened to Menzter’s Heavy Duty protocol?

    P. D. Mangan says January 9, 2017

    When I’m deadlifting that much weight, it doesn’t seem safe to do it slowly. That’s my excuse anyway. I did go to failure though. I use slow reps on all my other lifts.

Steve Johnson says January 9, 2017

Great job.

Not to pile on at all but I think you’ll find that either deadlifting shoe-less, switching to barefoot shoes or using weightlifting shoes would help your stability. The cushioning causes your lower legs to flex in and out to stabilize.

Looking strong – keep up the good work!

    P. D. Mangan says January 9, 2017

    Thanks, Steve. My shoes are skate shoes, so they’re pretty flat. I don’t know whether others would work better.

Mike says January 9, 2017

I started using a hex bar for deadlifts couple months ago due to a prior back injury. Sometimes called a trap bar. Anyway, for me it is much more ergonomic and easier on the back. I don’t think I’ll go back to the straight bar again…

Vincent says January 10, 2017

I’m posting this here because it’s the latest fitness-related post. I have started doing HIIT exercises with a 3-day split. Due to my work schedule I can only go to the gym Fri-Sun. I know ideally there should be a rest period inbetween each day but this is just what my schedule allows for.

Last weekend I went all three days in the gym and felt fine right after. But yesterday (Monday) all of a sudden I felt extremely tired throughout the day. In addition, last night I could not sleep very well.

I am wondering if going three days in a row is a bad idea when doing HIIT one set to failure.

I am a 23 yo male with good health and diet with proper supplementation.

Just wanted to get your opinion on this. Obviously I will see how things go as time goes on.

    P. D. Mangan says January 10, 2017

    Vincent, unfortunately, lifting weights several days in a row, whether HIIT or conventional, is not a great idea. If you can only get to the gym Friday to Sunday, maybe try skipping the Saturday session – that would be my advice. You could do some interval training at home during the week to get an extra exercise session in if you wanted.

      Vincent says January 10, 2017

      Thanks for the advice. I was thinking that as well. Last year I was doing 4x/week straight in the summer and it was ok for a bit but I was always tired and then eventually I had the sleep issue as well. I had to stop going to the gym – perhaps it was adrenal fatigue or something.

      Either way I will be cautious going forward. I thought that since I am still young I would be able to handle it but I guess everyone has their limits.

      Thanks again.

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