Faked research is endemic in China

Fraud fighter: ‘Faked research is endemic in China’

Why is science fraud such a problem in China?
It is the result of interactions between totalitarianism, the lack of freedom of speech, press and academic research, extreme capitalism that tries to commercialise everything including science and education, traditional culture, the lack of scientific spirit, the culture of saving face and so on. It’s also because there is not a credible official channel to report, investigate and punish academic misconduct. The cheaters don’t have to worry they will someday be caught and punished.

What have been the worst moments?
I have been sued more than 10 times. Because the Chinese legal system is very corrupt and a ruling is not always made according to the evidence, it is not surprising that I have lost some libel cases even though I did nothing wrong. In one of these, a local court at Wuhan ordered me to pay 40,000 yuan in compensation and transferred the money from my wife’s account. I have also narrowly escaped from an attack with pepper spray and a hammer.


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JP says November 28, 2012


Instead of taking statins, get off your ass.

“Unfit people with high cholesterol levels would be better off gardening or going for a walk than taking pills, says a study.

Being physically fit cuts the risk of dying by two thirds compared with couch potatoes who take statins.”


Anonymous says December 9, 2012

Reason number 789 why Communism sucks.

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