Grey Hair Reversal

I once asked whether there was a cure for grey (or gray) hair. There might be, because my hair is turning dark, or at least darker, and might be a case of grey hair reversal.

What occasioned that article was my posting the following pic some time ago:

Which in turn led a reader to comment that my hair was white. While I think of it as grey, it certainly is (was) white in sunlight.

However, my hair is now significantly darker. Check it out.


Admittedly, before and after comparisons aren’t great, and I still have plenty of grey hair. No one who saw me would say that I didn’t.

On the other hand, I have much darker hair than before. That’s not supposed to happen.

What’s going on?

Hair reflects health

Like the skin, hair is a marker for overall health and aging, so anti-aging interventions could, in theory, not only prevent grey hair but reverse it. The problem for the reversal of grey hair is whether the melanocytes, the cells that produce hair pigment, have permanently departed, or whether they can be revived. In the research I’ve read on this topic, no one seems to know.

Grey hair seems to be caused by excess hydrogen peroxide literally bleaching the hair, and this happens because of less catalase, the enzyme that neutralizes hydrogen peroxide, and greater oxidative stress from aging. If that’s the whole story on grey hair, then it seems that it could be reversed. There are indeed some cases in the scientific literature of people’s grey hair turning dark.

I attribute my darker hair to lowering my iron levels, which would lower the level of oxidative stress, including in hair follicles. But I admit that’s just a guess. My ferritin has gone from 137 to 55 at last check.

Aside from my usual anti-aging program, the only other thing I’ve added lately that I can think of is taking berberine, which could have an effect. My workouts and diet remain the same: lifting weights and a low-carbohydrate, whole food diet featuring plenty of meat, dairy, eggs, salads and vegetables, and virtually no processed foods.

So, what I’m saying is that if you commit to an anti-aging lifestyle, which is to say a healthy lifestyle, you may see some changes like grey hair turning dark(er).

Early grey hair runs in my family. My Dad had lots of grey hair in his early 40s.


My grey hair started in my 30s. I’m now 62.

I couldn’t guarantee this result for everyone, but it seems remarkable enough. As I said, that’s not supposed to happen.

After I wrote this, I made the following video, and in it I think you can actually see how much darker my hair has become.

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Nick says May 30, 2017

Nearly a year ago, a while after I’d started focussing on workout intensity and cutting out starches & sugar, my wife & I both thought my hair was becoming significantly less grey. It hasn’t proceeded further than that though. I don’t really care, in my case, if it stays the way it is: primarily at the temples & sides. Top & back are still crap-brown. And sun-blonde now from being out in the sun more.

Grey Hair Reversal says May 30, 2017

[…] post Grey Hair Reversal appeared first on Rogue Health and […]

Ole says May 30, 2017

Off-topic, but is fisetin part of your current supplement regimen? I am considering adding fisetin to my list of supplements, since it is known to eliminate senescent cells, and as everyone knows, senescent cells cause a great deal of damage.

    P. D. Mangan says May 30, 2017

    No, I’m not using it.

brbr says May 30, 2017

Apologies in advance for the off-topic, but what are the chances of fasting promoting vesicle issues? And how to prevent it if true?

Another question, what do you think of propanolol, i have seen you tweet about it once as an life extension drug.

    P. D. Mangan says May 30, 2017

    Could you be clearer on that – I don’t know what you mean by vesicle issues. About propranolol, I’m interested, but atenolol seems to be more prescribed now than that. They’re beta blockers, and it seems like ACE inhibitors are where the real longevity action is; I’m only now learning about them and I’ll write about them in future.

Total Maga says May 30, 2017

Big, if true 😉

I remember reading a study about wild bears (I think) that found older bears with greying fur were generally healthier all round than similarly aged non-grey animals – though I may have that wrong.
Side note: I believe bears don’t scar from wounds healing during hibernation — again, that’s from memory and might be complete BS (I’m too lazy to check)

I suppose greying might be somewhat reversible – other ageing related issues seem to be, who knows.
I think it might be worthwhile investigating what causes greying (sometimes) in children and young animals, I think B12 has been implicated and some have suggested copper.

Love what you do. Cheers.

José Carlos says May 30, 2017

I have read that wheat germ oil works for grey hair. Put it in your hair and also take capsules. Anyone?

Alan Eckert says May 30, 2017

P D, what happens when you lower ferritin? You remove stored iron in organs, especially the liver. The liver produces Ceruloplasmin. What does Ceruloplasmin do? It is the primary transporter of Copper and helps circulate iron. Copper is the main component that gives hair its color. So, when we have iron overload, higher stored iron, mine was 352 originally 1 1/2 years ago, now maybe in the 60’s, we don’t produce Ceruloplasmin, so there is less to circulate iron and transport that copper. I take about 8 mg of Copper Liver Chelate by STD. Process daily to keep my copper up since I tested low for copper in both blood serum and hair tissue analysis. I also used to suffer migraines. But the copper liver chelate eliminated the migraines and brought my copper cerium back up from 80 to almost 100. Gray hair, yes I have plenty at 66, but there seems to be more darker hair on top of the head now than 2-3 years ago. Sides about the same. And I agree on the H2O2. So maybe what I said above may help you figuring it out. Alan

    beto says May 30, 2017

    What copper Supplement advises and dosage? My hair is already fine grey with 52 years

      Alan says May 30, 2017

      Standard Process Copper Liver Chelate

        Alan says May 30, 2017

        Dosage depends on the need. I would not take it if your tests show high copper. Then it’s copper/iron dysregulation

beto says May 30, 2017

Berberine What is it? What copper Supplement advises and dosage? My hair is already fine grey with 52 years

Vincent Menniti says June 3, 2017

I’m 24. P.D is healthier than 95% of others in my age range. He inspires me to stay healthy, strong, and powerful as I age. You don’t have to get “old”. But you will age.

    P. D. Mangan says June 3, 2017

    Thanks, Vincent, I didn’t realize the statistics were quite so stark among your age group. To tell the truth, I think I feel every bit as good now as when I was 24, and I’m in better shape.

Thomas Burnette says June 20, 2017

A quick google search confirms that berberine increases catalase, which to my understanding would theoretically prevent grey hairs.

Surely, someone has thought of trying this before?

    Bill says June 20, 2017

    One tablet of 400 mg of Berberine for 2 months and one month of 3 tablets a day of 400 mg Berberine, has so far not made any difference Thomas for me. ˆt would be good if it did though.

    P. D. Mangan says June 21, 2017

    Hi Thomas, to my knowledge, no one has. On the other hand, I’m not sure what’s going as far as the cause, so just pure speculation for now.

      Alan says June 21, 2017

      Low copper may be involved. It is what is involved in hair color. If you become chronically low in copper, one would tend to turn gray. I have been turning gray since my early 40’s and now mostly gray to white at 66. And I have had issues with low copper that I never knew until recently. I take 8-10 Copper Liver Chelate every day. My wife was tested and has serum copper of 128 so a bit high, but at 63 hardly any gray hair, and no, she dies not color it.

Mellie says June 26, 2017

Wow! I do see a difference! How did you go about lowering your iron?

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