High-Intensity Weighted Dips

High-intensity weighted dips, 7-19-2016.

A video posted by P. D. Mangan (@pdmangan) on

A video I did today, showing the high-intensity technique for this exercise. I used a 45 lb. weight. You can follow me on Instagram.

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Markus Nystrom says July 20, 2016

Inspiring performance. Bravo. You’re the envy of millions of men half your age!

    P. D. Mangan says July 20, 2016

    Thanks, Markus!

JP says July 21, 2016

Is it the weight that makes them high intensity or the slow speed per rep?

    P. D. Mangan says July 22, 2016

    It’s the slow speed.

Drifter says July 22, 2016

I applaud your intent and effort, and not to be negative, but…I would caution anyone trying these to stay well within your comfort zone for both weight and range of motion. These have a reputation of being high risk for the shoulder joint, and in my case they either caused or greatly aggravated a shoulder injury which put a damper on all of my other press movements for 6-8 months. I’m now fully recovered but I only use dips as a final pump set (done very carefully, with moderate weight, and never close to failure or to maximum stretch). I focus much more on decline benches for the muscle groups involved which I think are considerable safer, when done with spotter or power rack. Brooks Kubik has written quite a bit about exercises like this that have much lower risk alternatives. Just my two cents.

Nick says August 6, 2016

I also can’t do dips due to a nagging shoulder thing. Not really an injury, but it’s been nagging for months now, since a set of declined barbell chest presses.

PD, would you mind telling us what your lifting regimen is now? You’ve said you do a two-way split. Are you doing the same exercises as before, just in the intensive mode? What exercises do you do? (Or do I have to re-read those chapters in Muscle Up?)

In another set of comments, you said you get through your session in 35-40 minutes, and spend so little time between exercises that it’s like a constant HIIT session. I wish I could manage that, but I’ve gotten fussy about spraying and wiping down the machines which slows me down. I see so many other sweaty guys on them without a towel, and I don’t want their sweat on mine.

    Nick says August 6, 2016

    *Dumbell, not barbell presses were the culprit.

    P. D. Mangan says August 6, 2016

    Hi Nick. Here’s what I’m doing currently. 2-way split.

    Workout A: Deadlifts, T-bar rows, lat pull-downs (close grip, palms facing you), pec deck, chest press, dips, triceps pull-downs, curls
    Workout B: leg extension, leg press, calf raises, machine shoulder press, lateral dumbbell raises, upright rows, weighted chins, barbell shrugs, crunches

    This routine isn’t set in stone, but it’s close. I do almost all at 1 set to failure — though I’ve been known to do more than 1 if I feel like I flubbed the first set by using too high a weight or some other reason. Some of the smaller muscle groups I may do 2 sets, on curls and triceps for example. I go from 1 set to another as quickly as possible; sometimes setting up or breaking down will delay me somewhat.

    I just now got back from a workout – very intense. I currently do each split once every 4 days – I need that much recovery.

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