Interview with High-Intensity Trainer Enrico Dell’olio

Enrico Dell’olio is an Italian bodybuilder and trainer who teaches and trains in the high-intensity tradition of the late Mike Mentzer. He is the author of three books: Protocollo Ibrido (Hybrid Protocol), La Dieta Fasica (Phasic Diet), and L’intensità Applicata alla Scienza dell’esercizio (Intensity Applied to the Science of Exercise), all of which you can download free from his website.


Enrico’s bio is here (in Italian).

We connected via our mutual friend Pieter Christiaens, who first urged me to take a look at high-intensity training and who has trained with Enrico. Here we discuss the nature of high-intensity training, why it’s a better method than conventional training, and how Enrico uses it for himself and for trainees.

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