Low-carb research round up

Dr. Steve Parker has an excellent round-up of recent research on the efficacy and health benefits of low-carb and Mediterranean style diets, here.

Added: Dr. Parker also has a post detailing why saturated fat does not cause heart disease, well worth reading.


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eah says January 7, 2013

Saturated fats tied to falling sperm counts in Danes: study

A couple of interesting excerpts:

For their study, Jensen and her colleagues surveyed and examined 701 young Danish men who were about 20 years old and getting checkups for the military between 2008 and 2010.

In 2011, Brazilian researchers found that eating more grains – such as wheat, oats or barley – was associated with improved sperm concentration and mobility, and fruit was also linked to a speed and agility boost in sperm.

On the face of it, this is bizarre, and somewhat counter-intuitive. After all, one would expect that given the way it has been villified over the last few decades, the average person consumes significantly less saturated fat today than in the past. Yet now they are suggesting that there may be a relationship — eating more of it lowers your sperm count.

Thanks for all of the interesting links Dennis.

Mangan says January 7, 2013

Thanks, each. I don’t know what could explain it, but I can’t s say I believe it. I looked at the abstract, but the full paper isn’t available.

Mangan says January 7, 2013

Errors typing on the Android.

Anonymous says January 9, 2013

FWIW, my wife and I, reasonably healthy and eating a high fat diet have had no problem conceiving into our upper 30’s (twice from 35 to 39). That ain’t upper 40’s, but still. In contrast, some of our typical, healthy whole-grain eating friends have struggled mightily.

Was it the years of oral b.c. they took previously? (my wife has never used oral contraception) Was it the cod liver oil & heavy cream for breakfast? (I joke, the breakfast of breeders) Obviously, we don’t know. But high fat hasn’t had a negative mobility impact on this researcher.

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