Mangan Up / Muscle Up

Mangan up / muscle up

Making a few basic changes in terms of nutrients, supplements, and exercise can have amazing benefits at any age – even, gasp, when you’re in your sixties, like me and like the man who posted the comment I reproduce below.

But the thing is, you have to do it. John, our commenter, took responsibility for his health by implementing some of my advice. John posted the following comment today. (Edited lightly, links added.)

Hi P.D.
This seems to be a great article on which to say thank you.


In July I was 62 years old. I was in bad shape. No strength, at least 25lbs overweight, all on my gut, skinny-fat, (6ft 2 inches in height) bloated, flabby.


I had been reading Rogue Health and Fitness since the Spring of this year. It cut through so much of the confusing health advice out there.


In early September I realised I had to do something, I was so sickly. I was too chickensh*t to lift weights so decided to Mangan-up my health with supplements and fasting. I kept a log of what I did (have done) in my daily journal. Here is a summary of some of the highlights.


I bought “Best Supplements” for Kindle. Based on this I started a supplement regime. Within two weeks my health had improved. 90% of my insomnia disappeared overnight (if you will forgive the pun). There were too many other noticeable effects to list in a comment.


At the same time I started intermittent fasting. It turned out to be easy to do, I just had to switch off the psychological promptings to eat. After the second time of fasting I realised that my mental clarity was hugely improved. My appetite improved, my skin became clearer. After that I built an effective fasting regime, based on your “Intermittent Fasting” book. [This refers to my 20-page booklet that you get free for subscribing to Rogue Health and Fitness.]


At the end of September I found my courage and joined an Iron gym, free-weights. This gym has the paint peeling from the walls, every free surface has a photo of one of the members in competition (body-builders and power lifters) and some of these men are bench-pressing massive weights. But they have been great blokes (as we say in England). They have encouraged me almost as much as Rogue Health and Fitness does. When I was getting discouraged (that goddamn triceps press) they would go out of their way to urge me on.


I bought “Muscle Up” and have added some HIT [high-intensity training] as a result.


The effects over 10 weeks have been wonderful.



I have lost at least 10 pounds of fat. More important to me is that I have lost two inches off my stomach. I have put an inch on my chest. I have pecs, biceps, triceps, calves that I never had before, not huge but visible. I have even started to develop Abs! I keep looking in the mirror because I look so much better! My face is tight, no pudgy fat and I look years younger. And I am much stronger. My balance has improved. The creatine I am taking to help my lifting seems to be further improving my alertness and mental “presence”.


And the most amazing thing is that I have reversed aging! For four years I have had crapey wrinkly skin on my hands. Three weeks ago I noticed it was completely gone! I was pleased beyond measure.


So thank you P.D, for getting me this far. If not for your lucid writing and comprehensive guidelines I would not have been able to do this. Your work is a gift. Many, many thanks.


I’m very gratified to read this and glad I had some role in John’s getting in shape and improving his health. But he has to get most of the credit: he took responsibility for his health and took action.

All the information in the world is worth little unless you use it to take action.

Let me just add a bit more. John implied that his paint-peeling gym filled with bodybuilders and power lifters was a bit intimidating. I mention this in “Muscle Up” as a reason many people have that prevents them from getting into a gym, and I also wrote that there’s just nothing to be intimidated about, and that most of the big gym bros were great guys who would go out of their way to lend help and support.

Just so it turned out in John’s case.

John did this all in 10 weeks. The improvements come rapidly when you put forth some effort. It makes me wonder at how little most people are doing; most people seem to be completely sedentary and eating lost of processed food around the clock. No wonder there’s an obesity epidemic.

John is 62, only two years older than me. I think the common attitude among men (and women) who get older is that it’s too late for them, or they’re too tired, or, perhaps worst of all, what does it matter anymore. Change is possible at any age.

A clean diet, strength training, and the right supplements can make all the difference, and can give you a glow of health that you will never, ever get from visiting a doctor. I know this from experience. In some cases, you may be worse off after seeing the doctor, depending on what drugs he’s prescribed and what advice he’s given.

So take action. You have nothing to lose but body fat and ill health, and nothing to gain but muscle and a new lease on life.


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John Morris says December 3, 2015

Hi P.D.

Thanks for your comments on my post to you. As you mentioned it, it I should say that I was a bit intimidated when I joined the gym. However without exception the big lifters have been very friendly and helpful. A couple of them live local to me and have taken to stopping in the street and saying hello, which is great.

But the biggest boost for me has been how quickly the exercise and fasting has taken effect. I honestly thought it would be six months before I saw real change. I was shocked when I realised that the changes had taken place in 10 weeks. I even went back to my journal to check the dates before I posted.

Your point about people saying “I am old, its too late” is very important. Certainly I used to feel that way, and I have male friends of my age who say “I need to do something (for my health) but I am too old to go weightlifting”.

Thanks again for Rogue health and Fitness. I have recommended your site to the Personal Trainers who teach in my gym and I am looking forward to more men of my age training alongside me.

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