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J says April 14, 2012

Consuming salt causes an immediate increase in Blood Pressure. And consuming less salt does decrease (by a few points) average BP. The origin of the paper, the Salt Institute, does not invalidate its arguments, but make them a bit suspect. Remember former “scientific” papers by tobacco companies and sugar importers. Yet the paper contains an intriguing argument:

“MYTH: There is a clear relationship between salt intake and blood pressure.
FACT: The lack of a clear relationship between salt intake and blood pressure is best exemplified with the standard hospital saline IV drip, which supplies an average of three liters of 0.9 percent sodium chloride per day. This is equivalent to twenty-seven grams of salt (4.5 teaspoons) per day while in the hospital in addition to the six grams (one teaspoon) of salt taken in food (if the Guidelines are followed). That is a total of thirty-three grams of salt per day or more than five times the Dietary Guideline recommendations! Yet patients’ BP is checked every four to six hours and does not change. Where is the purported relationship of salt intake to blood pressure?”

Does anyone know the answer?

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