My new ebook: Best Supplements for Men’s Health, Strength, and Virility

My new ebook has dropped: Best Supplements for Men’s Health, Strength, and Virility. It’s a revised and expanded version of the previous one, which started with a blog post. And no, that’s not me on the cover, though I could see why many would be tempted to think that.

The book includes discussion of why you may very well need supplements, as well as discussion of whey protein, creatine, vitamin D, omega-3 fats, resveratrol, n-acetylcysteine, testosterone and aromatase inhibitors, and more. The last chapter is a brief summary of my views on diet, fasting, and exercise.

In these days of declining T levels, nutrient-poor food, older average age of the population of men, and sedentary life, it’s important to understand how various supplements can maintain and improve a man’s vitality, muscle mass, T levels, help prevent heart disease and cancer, and along with those promote a healthy mental state and good sex life. Although aging makes all of these challenges more difficult, the book is also written with men of all ages in mind.


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Anonymous says September 23, 2014

Just purchased it. Thanks for all the awesome info, happy to support!

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