Nutraceutical with leucine and B6 causes fat-burning

Effects of a leucine and pyridoxine-containing nutraceutical on fat oxidation, and oxidative and inflammatory stress in overweight and obese subjects.


Leucine stimulates tissue protein synthesis and may also attenuate adiposity by increasing fatty acid oxidation and mitochondrial biogenesis in muscle and adipocytes. Accordingly, the effects of a nutraceutical containing 2.25 g leucine and 30 mg pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) (NuFit active blend) were tested in cell culture and in a clinical trial. 3T3L1 adipocytes were treated with leucine (0.25 mM or 0.5 mM) and/or Pyridoxal Phosphate (PLP) (50 nM or 100 nM) for 48 h. For the clinical trial, twenty overweight or obese subjects received the NuFit active blend or placebo three times/day for 4 weeks without energy restriction. Leucine decreased fatty acid synthase (FAS) expression and triglyceride content in adipocytes, and PLP addition significantly augmented this effect. Administration of NuFit active blend in the clinical trial increased fat oxidation by 33.6 g/day (p < 0.04), decreased respiratory quotient, improved HOMA(IR), reduced oxidative and inflammatory biomarkers (plasma MDA, 8-isoprostane-F(2α), TNF-α, C-reactive protein), and increased the anti-inflammatory marker adiponectin. These data indicate that the NuFit active blend significantly increased fat oxidation and insulin sensitivity, and reduced oxidative and inflammatory stress. Therefore, the NuFit active blend appears to be a useful nutraceutical in the management of obesity and associated co-morbidities.

This would seem to be useful in treating obesity, as well as a useful anti-aging supplement that likely induces mitochondrial biogenesis, hence good for anyone who wants to stay in shape. The beauty here also is that leucine and B6 are readily available elsewhere, so you don’t need to buy an expensive supplement.


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Alex White says April 1, 2013

I’ve been doing some research on leucine and found this post really interesting. Thanks for sharing

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