Podcast with Jay Campbell, and a new edition of ‘Smash’

dumping iron

A little blogging news: first of all, I recorded another podcast with Jay Campbell of FabFitOver40.com. Jay’s a great podcast host, and really keeps the ball rolling. We discussed hormesis, intermittent fasting, and even a bit about Bulletproof Coffee. I think the podcast went really well, thanks in great part to Jay.

The other bit of news is that I published a revised second edition of my book Smash Chronic Fatigue. I believe that this book can greatly help anyone who suffers from chronic fatigue, and all modesty aside, probably better than most doctors can do.


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anonymous coward says January 27, 2015

Is there an mp3 link? I don’t sit down and listen on my computer. I like to put the audio on my smart phone.

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