Pull-Ups and T-Bar Rows

For those of you who can’t get enough of workout videos featuring my friends or me, here’s one of me doing 15 pull-ups. Not bad for an old guy if I do say so myself.

Pull-ups work the lats (muscles at the side of the back) and arms mainly. When I first started lifting, I couldn’t do a single one, though I could do a few chin-ups.

Here I am doing T-bar rows. This exercise works the back – though not so much the lats – and arms. I do both pull-ups and the rows on back day, which is once every 6 days for me. I work chest and arms on the same day.

I was just going to post these vids on Twitter, but they apparently have a 30-second limit on videos, so here they are.

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Jim J says January 29, 2016

good on ya’. (btw-I am particularly impressed by being able to do them horizontally–gotta work on that myself. 🙂

Joshua says February 3, 2016

15 pull-ups is pretty good. If you can do that many, you’re ready to start doing them weighted. A dumbbell between the feet (with the handle parallel to the length of your feet; one end rests on your toes, other kinda on your heels) can do the trick if you don’t have a dipping belt. I was stalled for years around the 15 pull-up mark until I started doing some of them weighted.

    P. D. Mangan says February 3, 2016

    Thanks, Joshua. I already do weighted chin-ups using a weight belt with a 45 lb plate, and I can do 8 of them. But I haven’t done them pull-up style.

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