Standard Dietary Advice Makes You Fat and Sick

Standard dietary advice, the advice given by dietitians, doctors, and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, makes you fat and sick. It’s a combination of unsound science and compromises with the powerful food industry. The people who make and give dietary advice are fighting an intense rearguard action to avoid having to admit that they’ve been wrong all along.

Standard dietary advice is poison, and the medical establishment fully embraces it. It keeps them supplied with customers to whom they can prescribe expensive drugs and procedures.

Standard weight loss diet

Let’s look at a standard weight loss diet. Up to 80% of Americans are overweight/obese, so this is meant for them. (If you’re lean and healthy on what you’re already eating, you presumably don’t need advice.) WebMD has an article on losing weight without fad diets. (i tried for the more authoritative May Clinic diet, but they want you to buy their book to find out what it is. I assume this one is similar.) The WebMD diet advises:

  • Practice portion control. In other words, eat less. Brilliant, the same low-calorie strategy that’s been proven to fail for decades.
  • Eat a variety of foods, including “whole grains”. An extremely monotonous diet isn’t necessarily harmful at all; it depends on what’s in it. Whole grains are not necessary for health.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables. How are you going to lose weight by eating more of something?
  • Eat often. My personal favorite. “Aim for five to six mini-meals per day. Space your meals every 3 to 4 hours.” Eating more often is completely unnatural and will likely actually make you gain weight.

Is there anything good about the standard weight loss diet? Yes, on the plus side they tell you to get rid of junk food like cookies, chips, crackers, and  ice cream, and to avoid soda and fruit juice.

The standard weight loss diet is ineffective, and that’s partly because it’s a compromise between what will cause weight loss and what people are willing to do.

Standard diabetic diet

Diabetes is a condition of high blood sugar caused by insulin resistance, and is strongly associated with obesity and/or excess body fat. Diet can make the difference between a return to health and a steady descent downward to kidney failure, amputations, infections, and death.

Here are some highlights of what the American Diabetes Association recommends for diabetics:

  • 3 meals and 2 snacks daily. Basically, eating every 4 hours or so.
  • High carbohydrate intake. They call it “moderate”, but it’s 45% of calories as carbohydrate. The average American eats 50% of his calories as carbs.
  • Low calories, i.e. the same failed low-calorie diet.

U.S. Dietary Guidelines

This is official government advice, vetted extensively by panels of doctors and scientists. Read the summary here.

The “Key Recommendations” state that grains and oils are part of a healthy diet, meaning presumably that if you don’t eat them, you will be unhealthy, which is worse than nonsense.

It allows up to 10% of daily calories as sugar.

It doesn’t allow normal (“full-fat”) dairy, one of the healthiest things you can eat; instead it insists on Frankenfoods, i.e. low-fat or fat-free dairy, and “fortified soy beverages”, a chemical concoction.

American physicians are fat too

Suppose you’re overweight/obese or have some kind of other health problem related to your weight. You go to your doctor to get some medical advice.

Chances are good your doctor is overweight or obese himself (or herself, increasingly), and can do little to help you.

A recent survey of U.S. primary care physicians found that 53% of them were overweight or obese. That means that they are either unwilling to keep themselves lean, or unable to do so.

Considering that physicians have very high levels of the personality trait of conscientiousness — otherwise they wouldn’t be in that occupation — how likely is it that thy’re unwilling to stay lean? Very low, I’d say.

That means that they don’t know how to stay lean. If they can’t even provide themselves with good advice, how will they do that for you?

The medical establishment embraces dietary nonsense

All of the above is fully within the mainstream of the medical establishment. Is their advice doing any good? With 80% of the population overweight or obese, diabetes becoming an epidemic, and no end in sight, the answer must be “no”.

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Standard Dietary Advice Makes You Fat and Sick says January 24, 2017

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Mike says January 25, 2017

This kind of goes hand in hand with decreasing testosterone in the population. We are living longer lives, but seems the folks living longer now were born around WW2. So if the longevity is diet related, it’s not the diet “wisdom” of today that’s contributing, but the dietary habits of yesteryear. I wonder how much percentage of diet today is sugar and processed foods versus 50, 60 years ago?

Max Panzer says January 27, 2017

Cut out all wheat, refined sugar and alcohol. Eat meat, vegetables and eggs. Drink water and black coffee (or tea) only. Lift weights and do sprints or bag work and you should be all set. It will only be a matter of time before you rise to the top 5% of combined health and fitness here in the United States.

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