Success Stories

Some comments that I’ve had regarding how this site and my books have helped people achieve their health goals. I’m very gratified to receive them and to have been able to help.

Weight loss:

“I see how low carbs and fasting go hand in hand. With my blood sugar stabilized, I can go a long time without eating. So far I have lost 65 pounds or about a pound every 1-2 weeks. That’s the good news. The bad news is I am still fat. Nothing like the people I see at Walmart though. Still take my supplements, magnesium citrate, etc. Been looking for a bench press on Craigslist. Have not been to a doctor in 15 years, so could be dying of cancer for all I know — but I sure feel healthy. I am 63. No doubt about it, Rogue Health has had a big impact on my life.”BigFatGuy

From a reader who was nearly bedridden and had suicidal impulses:

“I owe you a massive thank you. Thank you so much. You really saved me.
I’ve bought all your books and will continue to follow you religiously.”

From an older father:

“We seem to have a common goal: a healthy and long old age. Most of the research you’ve highlighted, I was familiar with. However, your take on what it means is extremely valuable to me. So, please don’t stop, and, if anything, increase your commentary on each subject.

Just discovered your blog and will be spending the next few days getting caught up. Congratulations on the superb quality of your research and observations. I’m 74 with a 2-year-old son. Living to 90 is devoutly to be wished!”- Proud Daddy

From a new blood donor:

“Love the website PD. I just donated blood for the first time after reading this article.” – J Stuckert

From a 62-year-old man – this comment really affected me:

“Hi P.D.
This seems to be a great article on which to say thank you.

In July I was 62 years old. I was in bad shape. No strength, at least 25lbs overweight, all on my gut, skinny-fat, (6ft 2 inches in height) bloated, flabby.

I had been reading Rogue health and Fitness since the Spring of this year. It cut through so much of the confusing health advice out there.

In early September I realised I had to do something, I was so sickly. I was too chickensh*t to lift weights so decided to Mangan-up my health with supplements and fasting. I kept a log of what I did (have done) in my daily journal. Here is a summary of some of the highlights.

I bought “Best Supplements” for Kindle. Based on this I started a supplement regime. Within two weeks my health had improved. 90% of my insomnia disappeared overnight (if you will forgive the pun). There were too many other noticeable effects to list in a comment.

At the same time I started intermittent fasting. It turned out to be easy to do, I just had to switch off the psychological promptings to eat. After the second time of fasting I realised that my mental clarity was hugely improved. My appetite improved, my skin became clearer. After that I built an effective fasting regime, based on your “Intermittent Fasting” book.

At the end of September I found my courage and joined an Iron gym, free-weights. This gym has the paint peeling from the walls, every free surface has a photo of one of the members in competition (body-builders and power lifters) and some of these men are bench-pressing massive weights. But they have been great blokes (as we say in England). They have encouraged me almost as much as Rogue health and Fitness does. When I was getting discouraged (that goddamn triceps press) they would go out of their way to urge me on.

I bought “Muscle Up” and have added some HIT as a result.

The effects over 10 weeks have been wonderful.

I have lost at least 10 pounds of fat. More important to me is that I have lost two inches off my stomach. I have put an inch on my chest. I have pecs, biceps, triceps, calves that I never had before, not huge but visible. I have even started to develop Abs! I keep looking in the mirror because I look so much better! My face is tight, no pudgy fat and I look years younger. And I am much stronger. My balance has improved. The Creatine I am taking to help my lifting seems to be further improving my alertness and mental “presence”.

And the most amazing thing is that I have reversed aging! For four years I have had crapey wrinkly skin on my hands. Three weeks ago I noticed it was completely gone! I was pleased beyond measure.

So thank you P.D, for getting me this far. If not for your lucid writing and comprehensive guidelines I would not have been able to do this. Your work is a gift. Many, many thanks.”  – John Morris

A remarkable story on how it’s never too late to change.

“You may remember me from a couple of months back, the 62 year old British man who was sickly, fat and weak, very unhappy with my body and health. How I Manganed-up my health by taking your advice about supplements and Fasting till I got the courage to go lift free weights. I am still working that regime, lifting better than ever and I laugh with satisfaction whenever I (frequently now) look in the mirror. I have reached the point where Carly Simon wrote that song about me (you know the one).
However I do not want to tell you about me. There is a little bit of a backstory here but please stay with me, I think your readers will want to hear this.

Once every two weeks I meet a couple of other men around my age, to drink beer in an English pub for an evening. As an aside, it is a wonderful pub, like an MGM 1930’s idea of a pub, warm, cosy and full of wonderful eccentrics. Anyway, we set the world to rights and also try to work out how we missed out on dating Pat Benatar and/or Jacqueline Bisset. One of my friends at the pub is Maurice, a 69 year old man, originally from Ireland, retired these last six years.

Maurice is 5 ft 5 inches tall and in bad health. Blotchy skin, big bags under his eyes, really poor cardio, big gassy belly, 30 pounds of excess fat stomach on thin weak legs. By his own admission he has done no real exercise for 10 years.

In the pub two days after Christmas, Maurice said to me “Look at you! All the fat has come off your face, you have lost your gut. You look 10 years younger”. Maurice knows all about Rogue Health and Fitness, it’s a frequent topic of conversation when we get together. He asked me “Is there anything you can do for me?” “Maybe put me on a rowing machine?” “I am really fat, worried about my stomach”.

So we went for it.

I checked that Maurice had no chronic medical conditions and started to do for him what I did for myself. I was worried what might happen, getting a 69 year old using free weights for the first time, but I judged that the benefits outweighed the risk.

Firstly I went back to your book Best Supplements and got Maurice taking supplements, particularly Magnesium Citrate and Vitamin D, which he was not getting in his diet. He agreed to clean up his diet, some sugary stuff in there that he has now stopped. We went to your book Intermittent Fasting, for fasting advice. Maurice now fasts two days a week, by skipping breakfast. He has also cut out a lot of carbs.

The second week we went to my Gym. One or two of the Powerlifters did look at us, no lie, Maurice was looking in bad shape. I gave Maurice the all-round starter workout that the Personal trainer gave me when I first started lifting. I oversaw his form and his reps.

We trained twice, Monday and Friday, with as much recovery time as possible.

On the Saturday after, he came to my house to pick me up to go to the pub. I was shocked. The blotchiness had gone out of his skin, his eyes were less watery, the big bags under his eyes had shrunk. All this in two sessions! He met with his family over that weekend and the first thing they said was “you look totally different!”.

This week we trained three times Monday, Wednesday (light day) and Friday, Maurice is now very keen to train. Today it was obvious that he had lost some of the fat in his face and that his stomach is firmer. Quite simply, he looks so much healthier. But I find it amazing that this has taken so little time. His response to being Manganed-up is clearly even better than mine.

As I write this, I can feel Imposter Syndrome breathing down my neck. I fear that one of your more experienced readers will say “this man is lying!”. However, every word of this comment is true.

Oh, and the Powerlifters? For some of these guys Maurice is old enough to be their father, for the rest he is old enough to be their grandfather. Yet they treat him as if he were their favourite kid brother. If there were a medal for kindness and courtesy, every man at my Gym deserves one. Great blokes.

Thank you, P.D, we could not have done it without you. Rogue Health and Fitness is invaluable and irreplaceable. Keep up the great work.”

From a reader who started taking n-acetylcysteine (NAC):

“Thank you. I took your advice about NAC, and I’ve had the first pain-free days in 19 years. I was hit by a car while walking across a two-lane street. So, slow enough to live, but fast enough to mess up my body.
I started taking NAC a couple of weeks ago. I’d already taken vitamin D and magnesium to control migraines from the bang to my head. I went from fogged to pain-free and healthy.

So, thank you.”