Today’s Workout

Here are a couple of very short videos of me deadlifting today. Might as well post them here, even though they’re not as earthshaking as Kanye.

A couple more:

Other exercises I did today included T-bar rows, like so (from an earlier date):


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I did a drop set on the rows, like I do on most exercises – squats and deadlifts being exceptions.

I also did:

    • cable crossover (chest)
    • chest press
    • weighted dips, Gironda dips
    • triceps pulldown, overhead triceps pulldown
    • preacher curls, hammer curls


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Metabolic finisher was deadlifts, 155 lbs x 15.

PS: Don’t forget to Muscle Up.

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Bruce says April 26, 2018

That should put you a little over 300lbs for your max deadlift. I looked it up for you – that makes you an “advanced” (almost elite) deadlifter for your age and weight group (75 kilos). Get your deadlift up to 337 and you’ll be elite!

    P. D. Mangan says April 26, 2018

    Whoa, really?! I lifted 325 once, but I’ve kept it a bit lower, figure better safe than sorry, injury-wise. tbh the 275 didn’t feel that heavy.

      Bruce says May 1, 2018

      Just did 360 pounds for 12 reps (and tore the callous off my hand!). However, I’m 20 years younger and way fatter than you. You look much better with your shirt off!

Montgomery says April 27, 2018


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I can be wrong in my assessment of the significance of this, but to me it looks very important:
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