Vitamin D may elevate klotho

Vitamin D Sufficiency Status May Effect Circulating Levels of the Anti-Aging Protein Klotho

Purpose: Vitamin D insufficiency, serum 25(OH)D ≤ 33 ng/mL, is associated with increased disease risk and all-cause mortality in population-based studies. The study aim is to determine if correcting 25(OH)D insufficiency results in increased circulating levels of Klotho protein, an anti-aging biomarker, which is tightly involved in vitamin D homeostasis, and could potentially contribute to the health benefits of 25(OH)D sufficient status….

Results: ANOVA of matched pairs (n=29) showed significant (p<0.0001) between-group differences in 25(OH)D levels post treatment 69.3(4.3), compared to insufficient levels at baseline 20.9(1.2) and to sufficient controls 42.0(10.6). The results for Klotho showed a mean increase of 75.3 (33.0) circulating Klotho levels in the treatment group (p=0.03), which approached significance (p=0.07) after adjustment for multiple comparisons with Tukey's test, between-group differences all p>0.05. Non-significant changes in levels of 1,25-(OH)2D, Ca, Pi, PTH and FGF23 were also observed.

Conclusion: These results suggest a significant increase in 25(OH)D and an increase in circulating Klotho approaching significance, after 12 weeks of vitD3 supplementation and repletion of 25(OH)D. Interpretation of the results is limited because post-hoc analysis showed insufficient power to measure the observed effect. These findings represent the first evidence that correction of 25(OH)D insufficiency may effect the circulating levels of the anti-aging protein Klotho in humans.

Elevated klotho levels are associated with both lifespan and intelligence, so if you want both, ensure that you are vitamin D sufficient.


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Ten drops a day. Doctor’s orders.

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