What causes heart disease

From an interview with Fred Kummerow, a 98-year-old working scientist at the University of Illinois:

[Q.] What would you consider to be the biggest achievement of your career to date?

The biggest achievement of my career to date has been the publication of my article online in the January 2013 issue of The American Journal of Cardiovascular Disease [3]. In this publication, I described my findings; namely, that atherosclerosis in modern human beings is based on the biochemistry, composition and structure of three of the five phospholipids in the cell membrane of the coronary arteries. My findings indicate fried foods, powdered egg yolk, excess vegetable oils, partially hydrogenated vegetable oils and cigarette smoke as the greatest culprits in heart disease. Fried foods and powdered food substitutes are dietary sources of oxysterols, which alter the phospholipid membranes of our arteries in ways that increase the deposition of calcium, a key hallmark of atherosclerosis. Consumption of excess polyunsaturated fats stimulates the formation of oxysterols within the human body. Cigarette smoke and trans fats from partially hydrogenated vegetable oils interfere with fatty acid metabolism, leading to the interruption of blood flow, a major contributor to heart attacks and sudden death. In my opinion, many of these factors have been largely ignored by the medical establishment, which has focused instead on using drugs to lower cholesterol levels. I hope my recent publication in The American Journal of Cardiovascular Disease changes this and provides the answer for proper dietary advice.


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Sam says August 13, 2013

I hope he’s right and has it nailed down. I wonder how this relates to Linus Paulings prescription for reversing heart disease? Do the amino acids Lysine and Proline reduce the amount of oxysterols? I could see how vitamin C could reduce oxidation. This is hitting home for me. My Dad is in the hospital right now recovering from a quadruple bypass. Ouch. He’s doing fine.

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