What diet and exercise can do for a woman’s figure

Martina is from Sweden, she eats low-carb high-fat, and lifts weights. Source.

In my opinion, this gal is pretty much an ideal female bodybuilder. She has muscle, but not so much that it detracts from femininity. She still has nice curves. that comes from not overdoing it on the loss of body fat. She’s not shredded, and that’s a good thing.

Yet the low carb and weightlifting regimen has kept her slim and youthful looking. The long hair doesn’t hurt either.

This ideal is within the reach of most women. (Again, in my opinion.) A modicum of discipline in eating and exercise can produce great results, but you’ve got to do it. It’s a discipline that must be maintained to keep the results.

Most people fail in their weight loss program, usually by gaining all their weight back, because they believe that a diet or exercise program is a short-term thing. But it isn’t. It’s a lifestyle change that must be embraced for … life.


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