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As much as I believe in the importance of a good diet, and try to practice what I preach, I’ve never written a comprehensive post or much at all on food in the real world. Since I get a lot of questions about the right diet, I thought I’d get things going by looking at what I eat.

Below is almost everything I ate over a 24-hour period. It’s not totally typical of a regular day. I fasted only about 14 hours between dinner and breakfast, i.e. I didn’t really fast, and I also lifted weights that day, something I only do about every 4 days. Also, the dinner looks pretty light for a workout day, and that’s because it was from the night before. I had a huge pork chop the night of my workout.

Coffee, shot of cream, with berberine, aspirin, vitamin D.

How I started on my day: coffee and supplements. I take other supplements too, but either at meals or bed time. Not pictured: I also take IP6 and resveratrol, both in powder form, with morning coffee.


Whey protein, 25 grams

Since I lifted weights that day, before my workout I had a whey shake with 5 grams of creatine added. Doesn’t look terribly appetizing, as it’s unflavored and unsweetened, but it’s not bad at all really.


Scrambled eggs, corn tortilla.

Breakfast. Yes, that’s a corn tortilla, 10 grams of carbs. Not paleo, but I do eat a few of these.


Chicken drumsticks.



I was still hungry. Not pictured: a cup of tea with a shot of cream.

Hard-boiled egg, tortilla, olive oil, salt.

Two hours later, hungry again. I like this little dish which I think I invented. It’s tasty, very easy and quick, and healthy. I had 2 of them that day.

Scotch on the rocks.

I went out that day, which I only do maybe once a week, so I had a scotch. Nice pour, too.

Sausage, cabbage, apples – before.

Dinner, before cooking.

Sausage, cabbage, apples – after. With glass of wine.

Dinner, about to eat.

Probably a light day, maybe even too light. I never count calories or macros, but I do try to get enough protein with each meal, and get extra protein on workout days. I virtually always keep carbs low, usually well under 100 grams a day, often under 50. My protein intake is on the order of 100 or more grams a day, so it’s around 1.3 to 1.4 grams per kilogram of body weight.

Though I occasionally cheat (see tortillas above), one thing I rarely do is eat processed or fast food. This adds a bit of work, since if you’re out and about, crap food is almost all that’s available, unless you want to pay up. So, almost all of my meals are cooked and eaten at home.

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What I Eat | Technology and Longevity Feed says October 23, 2016

[…] Original Article: What I Eat […]

Benji says October 23, 2016

Thanks for sharing. Eating low carb/paleo is easy in theory but much harder in practice – it goes against the grain of society and probably the grain of all your past habits. So it’s extremely helpful to see how someone actually makes it work in practice. If Peter Attia’s experience is any guide, this will be your most popular post.

Sean says October 23, 2016

Should I be concerned about aflatoxin in corn tortillas?

    P. D. Mangan says October 23, 2016

    As far as I know, the main source of aflatoxin is peanuts. I’ve never heard it was in corn.

Jim says October 24, 2016

I notice there is not a lot of fiber in this diet. Is fiber overrated?

    P. D. Mangan says October 24, 2016

    Usually I eat salads but didn’t happen to have one that day. OTOH, yes, fiber is overrated.

Paloma says October 25, 2016

Fiber is totaly overrated. I used to eat 3 pieces of fruit every day, wholegrain cereals, a lot of potatoes and veggies, and even fiber capsules… Never had constipation but I did have a lot of gas and nasty depositions.
After switching to a paleo diet (almost no fruit, no grains, loads of protein and fat, just vegetables as fiber source), my gaseous problems just faded and my depositions started to come regularly and odourless.

    Nick says October 26, 2016

    While I don’t follow a paleo diet (I prefer to say I’ve changed how I feed myself, rather than use the d-word), my exhaust output plummeted overnight when I stopped eating grains and starches. That stuff can’t be good for you.

    José Carlos says November 3, 2016

    Hi Paloma

    I’d like to talk a bit about the paleo diet with you and get to know how you approached it in the first place. Can we exchange emails? Mine is [email protected]. Thanks in advance. José

Nick says October 26, 2016

Thanks for this. I assume your workout was between the shake and the breakfast. Time for lunch here, which will be a 2-egg cheese omlette with spinach & a can of sardines. And nuts.

AFA whey powder goes, I mix vanilla & chocolate from https://orgainic.com/product/bio-whey-protein/ where the flavoring is all natural (organic too, and non-denatured). I mix 20 or 30 g with a thing of probiotic yogurt and 120 g of quark with seeds & berries for a normal breakfast, half the amount on a lifting day, and of course none on a fasting day. Point is, the flavoring makes it quite good, especially mixed with yogurt. The quark is quite bland, but is a great casein source of amino acids, beloved by athletes over here.

Anyway, the vanilla/choco powder with a citric-flavorued vitamin seltzer tablet and coconut water / water makes a great post-workout shake. Maybe add some pure vanilla extract and chocolate powder to make the shake more exciting? (Sugar-free, duh.)

    P. D. Mangan says October 26, 2016

    Thanks, Nick. I’m one of those who prefers speed and convenience. Sounds like a lot of work for a whey shake!

TJ says October 28, 2016

Hi PD,

What are your thoughts on muscle/adipocyte membrane fatty acid composition as a cause of insulin resistance?
More specifically, that trans-fats and high omega6/omega3 ratio (and maybe some types of saturated fats) in cell membranes cause insulin resistance. There is a lot of promising research on that

    TJ says October 28, 2016

    I gues if that were true, a diabetic person could:
    1) do LCHF and exercise before/after meals to keep blood glucose in check and lower HbA1c.
    2) eat more omega 3 (or get IV omega 3) therapy to solve underlying cause – insulin resistance. Getting muscle biopsy to measure membrane fats ratios would be nice.
    Then go and eat chocolate cakes, as no longer carb intolerant.

    P. D. Mangan says October 28, 2016

    Last I checked, seemed right. One reason omega-3 lowers insulin resistance, it makes cell membranes more fluid.

bigmyc says October 28, 2016

Regarding the IP6, what kind of dosage do you personally take?

    P. D. Mangan says October 29, 2016

    I take approximately 1000 mg each morning on an empty stomach. It’s possible to take several times a day, but should always be done away from eating, to avoid complexing other needed nutrients.

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Dusan says December 9, 2016

What about raw honey? Do you eat it, a little like a small spoon? I can buy natural raw honey and it is considered like a natural healthy medical cure in my country.

    P. D. Mangan says December 9, 2016

    No, don’t eat honey.

TeeDee says July 24, 2017

I prefer the unsweetened, unflavored whey, as well–when I have it. It reminds me of the taste of skim milk or something similar. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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