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Hey, my name is P. D. Mangan, and I’m 62 years old. I want to get the most out of my life. I want to be healthy, lean, muscular, avoid the ills of aging, and live a good, long time..

Like most people, I used to follow standard health advice: eat a low-fat diet, do aerobic exercise for physical fitness, watch my cholesterol, all that stuff. But instead of becoming healthier, I got sick.

What brought you here?

Maybe you’re overweight or obese or on the verge of diabetes, and nothing that your doctor says, or that standard advice on the matter advises, has helped.

Maybe you’re skinny fat and want to get muscular. IMG_0258

Maybe your doctor wants you to take a statin because your cholesterol is allegedly too high, and you’re skeptical about taking a drug that you’ve heard may be toxic.

Or maybe you’ve always taken care of yourself, but want to go the extra mile and discover world-class anti-aging interventions, and how to be lean and well-built.

If any of these apply to you, you’ve come to the right place.

The old ways are less than optimal and in many cases dangerous.

My long journey through health led me to weightlifting, a low-carbohydrate, high fat, and mostly paleo diet, and to the science of physical fitness and anti-aging.

To get up to speed rapidly on the point of view of this site, I suggest that you read The 20 Principles of Rogue Health, and My Current Anti-Aging Program. To find my articles on topics of particular interest, use the category links on the front page, and you’ll find my explanations of many themes in men’s health and fitness, including diet, fasting, supplements, iron, avoiding heart disease and cancer, strength training, and lifespan extension.

At Rogue Health and Fitness, we’re dedicated to exploring cutting-edge science in men’s health. Mainstream advice pretty much sucks, with sub-optimal and ineffective interventions like aerobic exercise (“cardio”) and counting calories and/or low-fat diets, and it has an obsession with toxic drugs like statins and antidepressant SSRIs. Furthermore, mainstream health advice doesn’t emphasize testosterone, libido and virility, and muscle (except when they’re denigrated) or how men can slow or reverse the aging process. (Article continues below.)

PD Mangan

This site has gone “rogue” against the standard advice of the medical establishment.

Just a few years ago, after following popular health and fitness advice, I had chronic fatigue. Doctors could do nothing.

After no success in getting rid of my illness, I decided to do my own research. With my formal education in pharmacology, biochemistry, and microbiology, I was able to see through the BS and figure out that the right diet and exercise could be a big help – just not the kind of diet and exercise that leading authorities recommend.

Supplements are also important.

Rogue Health teaches maximum-strength anti-aging, how men can boost their virility by increasing testosterone, why weightlifting is the most beneficial exercise, how select supplements add value to your health regimen, how intermittent fasting benefits health and anti-aging, and much more, and it’s done with a close eye on real scientific research, not the dubious advice you can read almost everywhere. We always emphasize actionable information, so that you can incorporate these practices and attain longer life, a clear mind, a happy sex life, and high energy.

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