Why You Should Never Feed Your Child Commercial Infant Formula

Commercial infant formula is an abomination, a concoction of chemicals and industrial “food” that you should never feed your child. Here’s why.

After weaning

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I came across a “food product” called Enfagrow that a relative was feeding her one-year-old boy. Enfagrow is meant to be given to toddlers age 1 to 3 after weaning, and is billed as “Toddler Next Step”.

Here are the ingredients:

The first 3 listed ingredients are non-fat milk, corn syrup solids, vegetable oil. Then following are some chemicals, a multivitamin and mineral supplement, natural flavor, and soy lecithin.

Non-fat milk (in this case, it’s also powdered) has all the healthy milk fat removed. Milk fat contains EPA, DHA (both omega-3 fatty acids) and conjugated linoleic acid, a potent anti-cancer molecule. Skim (non-fat) milk is used to fatten pigs. Think it might have the same effect on children and other people? I do.

Corn syrup solids are a concentrated, dried form of corn syrup, a form of sugar in other words. Sugar in any but small amounts is a health disaster.

Vegetable oils are better known as industrial seed oils, and these are also a health disaster.

Why in the world would you give this to an infant, or anyone you cared about.

You might as well feed them Coffeemate.

This product is made by Meade Johnson, a corporation whose 2016 revenues were $3.7 billion. Think they really care about your child’s health?

As an infant

Not satisfied that you have to wait until they’re one year old to feed them this chemical abomination? Instead of breastfeeding, you can give them chemical formula.

Here’s a popular formula, along with its ingredients:

First 4 ingredients: corn maltodextrin (a refined carbohydrate consisting of chains of glucose molecules), industrial seed oils, soy protein (which in my opinion no one should consume), and sucrose, i.e. table sugar.

This product has all the industrial foods in the first one with the addition of another, soy protein.

The Diseases of Civilization Starter Pack

What happens when babies consume soy? Exposure of infants to phyto-oestrogens from soy-based infant formula:

The daily exposure of infants to isoflavones in soy infant-formulas is 6–11 fold higher on a bodyweight basis than the dose that has hormonal effects in adults consuming soy foods. Circulating concentrations of isoflavones in the seven infants fed soy-based formula were 13 000–22 000 times higher than plasma oestradiol concentrations in early life, and may be sufficient to exert biological effects, whereas the contribution of isoflavones from breast-milk and cow-milk is negligible.

As Dr. Greiner remarked over on twitter, it’s like giving your child 5 birth control pills daily. A huge exposure to estrogenic compounds.

These two products together might be called the Diseases of Civilization Starter Pack. Lifelong exposure to so-called “food” like this will lead to obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Can’t get ’em started on the road to diabesity too young.

Unfortunately, not only does Big Food not care a whit about your or your children’s health, but most people just accept these chemical concoctions as par for the course. Personally, I wouldn’t feed them to a dog.

Usually I write about men’s health and fitness in these pages, but this is an important issue. men have children, and presumably they (and the mothers of their children) want them to grow up to be healthy, lean, and with no endocrine problems. Be aware of these industrial abominations called infant formula.

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