Women with endometriosis more attractive?

Study suggests women with severe forms of endometriosis are more attractive

(Medical Xpress)—In a truly odd study undertaken by a group of OB/GYN researchers in Italy, volunteer women were judged to determine if a medical condition known as endometriosis causes those afflicted to be viewed as more attractive by other people. The team found, as they describe in their paper published in the journal Fertility and Sterility, that women with a severe form of the disorder were far more likely to be seen as attractive than women in the general population.

The linked article expresses skepticism throughout, equally at the notion that anyone would do such a study, that the results are valid, or that there could be any reason for the results. But assuming that the study was performed properly and the results valid, there seems an obvious link between endometriosis and attractiveness: femininity. Just as eating disorders are a manifestation of the extreme female brain, endometriosis could be a manifestation of the extreme female body. The correlation could be due to, say, higher levels of female hormones causing both endometriosis and attractiveness.


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