Women with Higher Cholesterol Levels Live Longer


“Among women, serum cholesterol had an inverse association with all-cause mortality. Meaning that, as cholesterol went up, the risk of visiting that big Zara outlet in the sky went down. Compared with women whose cholesterol was under 5.0 mmol/l (193 mg/dl), those with a reading over 7.0 mmol/l (270 mg/dl) enjoyed a 28% relative risk reduction of dying. This risk was determined after adjusting for age, smoking and systolic blood pressure.
An almost identical relationship with cardiovascular disease (ie, CHD, heart failure, stroke) was observed. As cholesterol went up, risk of dying from cardiac arrest and stroke declined.
When coronary heart disease mortality was examined in isolation, the association with cholesterol appeared to follow a U-shaped curve. The lowest CHD risk was seen between 5.0-6.9 mmol/l, which hardly supports the simple-minded “lower is better” mentality that has come to dominate the CHD prevention arena.”


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