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Why Intermittent Fasting Is Healthy
We know that intermittent fasting is a healthy activity. Fasting allows the body to enter repair mode by increasing autophagy,[...]
Single Dose of Rapamycin Induces Weight Loss
I've talked to several people who take rapamycin for anti-aging purposes, and they've all reported that they lost weight when[...]
Insulin Promotes Cancer
Many people, perhaps most, think that cancer is just something that strikes. That there's little you can do about avoiding[...]
The Israeli Paradox
Probably most of you have heard of the French paradox. The idea is that the French eat all kinds of[...]
Podcast with Craig James
I recorded a podcast with Craig James of Masculine by Design. Craig is a great interviewer and came to the[...]
Is Metformin Really an Anti-Aging Drug?
The anti-diabetic drug metformin is widely touted as a drug that fights aging, which would be great if true. It's[...]
Can Ketogenic Diets Work for Bodybuilding or Athletics?
Can ketogenic diets work for bodybuilding or athletics? This is a question I'm very interested in, and one that is[...]
How to Lose Weight without Hunger (Chinese version) 低碳水化合物餐單 VS 低脂肪餐單減肥法優劣比較
Note: A friend who lives in Hong Kong and who is concerned about the health of the people there had[...]
Has All Dietary Advice Been Wrong?
Sometimes I get the feeling that those in our entrenched nutritional and health establishments don't know what they're talking about.[...]
Why Americans Are Fat and Sick
Around 80% of the American people are overweight, obese, or skinny fat. That leaves 20% who are of normal weight[...]
Resistance Training Treats Depression
Depression has been called the common cold of psychiatric disorders, and at this point, huge numbers of Americans take antidepressant[...]
Senolytics, an Anti-Aging Technology
A new class of compounds known as senolytics may revolutionize anti-aging medicine. These compounds target and selectively remove senescent cells,[...]
Metabolic Syndrome Promotes Chronic Disease
Metabolic syndrome is the most insidious promoter of chronic disease, such as heart disease and cancer, in the U.S. and[...]
Ketones Protect Arteries
The health of arteries is vastly important for aging and prevention of chronic disease, most notably coronary artery disease, and[...]