Discover powerful fat loss protocols you can implement today

I’ve helped thousands of men and women lose fat, get fit, and improve their energy with sustainable science-backed guidance.

Demian McLean@DemianMcLean
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Big thanks to @Mangan150 for leading by example and challenging convention al wisdom. Dropped from 195 lbs to 175 and have stayed there for five years, by following his advice. Thankful to be where I am at 52 and hoping to be in good shape as he is at 67.
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@Mangan150 You saved my life brother! Greatest health coach on the planet!!
Jack Doyle@fcctixjack
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Can't help but feel proud of my progress! After 12 weeks of working with @Mangan150 I've lost nearly 30 lbs. #weightlossjourney
Daniel Brown@thenotdoc
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If @Mangan150 's teachings are brought together in a single package, it's gonna be good. Ageing can be limited to the numerical number...it doesn't have to mean deteriorating. This man doesn't get enough credit for what he offers the world. Should have a million followers!
Brandon Lutz@LutzStrong
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@Mangan150 Just wanted you to know, I've lost 30 pounds in ~3 months implementing a lot of your methods. So, thanks for what you do
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The program works. The genius of @Mangan150 program is its elegant simplicity
Marl Whatley@LutzStrong
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I'm 62; in decent shape but haven't lifted in about 8 years. ~20-25# overweight. I picked up on PDM's program and have been working since mid-February. Down ~11#. Belly fat gradually reducing


Most mainstream health advice is wrong

The truth is, conventional advice is often ineffective, and sometimes even dangerous.

Getting healthy should be simple

Men and women work with me 1-on-1 so they can skip all the trial and error to look and feel their best.

Lose fat with sustainable, personalized nutrition that fits your lifestyle and preferences...

without going hungry or eating bland, tasteless food

Improve your energy and sleep

so you can perform your best at work and home

Get fit in the most efficient way possible,

in 40 minutes per week, with or without a gym

Avoid chronic disease

and live a long, healthy life

Benefit from unlimited support and accountability

so that you can reach your health and fitness goals

My coaching program isn’t a bootcamp.

It’s an incremental approach based on your goals, schedule and preferences. It’s designed to create short term momentum and lock it up into a permanent, sustainable lifestyle.

Want to explore private 1-on-1 coaching with me?

Get lean and energetic with a sustainable, science-based approach

P.D. Mangan

Health & Fitness Coaching

I'm a 68 year old health coach with a background in microbiology, biochemistry, and pharmacology.

For years I struggled to get healthy and conquer debilitating chronic fatigue.

It got so bad that I ended up on disability.

None of the doctors I consulted could help me.

And all the conventional advice only left me feeling worse.

I couldn’t accept living my life this way, so I finally decided to do my own research.

With my science background, I was able to see through the BS.

And figured out how to improve my health.

I finally got rid of chronic fatigue, and completely transformed how I look and feel.

Here's me, before, in 2008, and after, in 2009:


Now I eat tasty food, exercise under an hour per week, and have almost limitless energy.

My approach allowed me to:

And over the last 10+ years, I’ve dedicated my life to helping men and women improve their health.

Take control of your health once and for all

My clients have permanently transformed their body composition, built muscle, reversed Type 2 diabetes, fatty liver, and even some autoimmune conditions.

Skip All The Trial And Error To Look And Feel Your Best

Together, we’ll reengineer your health and fitness habits without wasting a lot of time exercising, counting calories, or eating dull, tasteless food


Hear From Some of My Past Clients...

I've helped thousands of men and women Lose fat, get fit, and improve their energy with sustainable science-backed guidance

My goal is to make sure you never need coaching again...

"I want to give you a bro hug. Two thirds of the way through the program and I have met my initial goal of a 30 pound weight loss! But this has become so much more than that now, it really is a transformative lifestyle changing program. Once again, thank you PD!"
Joseph S., MD
"His method is different. It’s not like every coaching program that is out there because it’s based on science. By following this program, I lost 8 kilos in 12 weeks. But losing the weight was just a byproduct. What I have learned the most is about longevity and how to avoid lifestyle diseases."
Liz o.
"I was never able to sustain anything for longer than a month. The longer term play for me was to find something that was sustainable and that does not require me to overhaul my entire life. This was it. This works. It’s simple, real life, and doable."
Rajeev m.

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