P. D. Mangan's
Anti-Aging Blueprint

The only 100% scientifically backed course that shows you exactly how to live longer, stronger and healthier right now - no matter how young or old you are.

Does this seem familiar?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, read on, because you’re EXACTLY the type of person who will benefit from this course.

EVERYTHING you need to know about healthy living and anti-aging in a simple, research-based, all-in-one package!

You know you bring immense value to the world, and you want to see it through.

You want to meet your grandchildren and enjoy your time with them,

You want to live a life free of aches and pains,

You want to travel,

You want to feel energized,

You want to avoid sickness,

For this reason, I congratulate you.

Whether you’re a complete beginner to health and fitness, someone who exercises frequently and is very health conscious, or someone with a PhD in a health field…

This course is going to benefit you immensely – by teaching you the most up-to-date research on living a healthier, LONGER life.

But first, you might be asking - who am I? My name is P.D. Mangan.

About me

P.D. Mangan

I have dedicated the last 10 years of my life towards getting in shape, smashing chronic fatigue, aging healthier, and living longer.

Before → Skinny, Weak, and Sick

I am a 63 year old microbiologist, health and fitness advocate, and anti-aging specialist.

After suffering from chronic fatigue for over a decade, and after being fed up with mainstream medical advice that got me nowhere at solving the problem…

I had to do my own research and create my own interventions. With time, effort, and determination, I was able to finally do something about it.

The entire experience turned me onto the health and fitness track, which also turned me to the anti-aging route.

After → Strong, Healthy, Fit

Achieving the impossible with no drugs and rarely visiting a doctor.

I went from skinny, weak, and sick, to strong, healthy, and fit.

I take no drug. I rarely visit my doctor. I'm 64-years-old and I feel better than ever.

My goal is to feel this way for the rest of my life, and to extend my lifespan as long as possible.

Because I went through hell and back, I am ruthlessly dedicated to help others, like you, do the same.

I have been writing about health, fitness, and anti-aging for almost a decade – I have also published multiple 5- star rated books on health and fitness on Amazon.

My website, RogueHealthandFitness.com, gets thousands of visits a day, and I have tens of thousands of followers on social media who tell me daily that they have benefited immensely from my information.

And unfortunately, from what I’ve learned, I can tell you many lies have been told about both health and anti-aging.

The truth is that most anti-aging "information" is flat out misinformation.

So wouldn’t you like to know the real truth?

I am NOT here to teach you some type of “voodoo” science.

Everything that I say is presented as simply as possible, backed by meticulous research that I’ve done over many years of shuffling out misinformation and presenting everything as simply as possible!

suffered chronic fatigue for decades, before giving up entirely on the mainstream medical advice I was given.

Nothing worked, nothing helped to relieve my pain.


So I took my future into my own hands.

I researched. 

I created my own interventions.

I learned everything I possibly could to turn my life around and become the best version of myself despite my age.

The last 10 years of my life have been dedicated to getting in shape, smashing chronic fatigue, aging healthier and living longer.

I’ve never felt better.

I will never go back.

Now, I’m here to share all of my knowledge with you, so that you too can learn everything you need to know about healthy living and aging.

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many people have asked me - is it really possible to slow down aging?

The answer is yes, absolutely! 

Science proves this.

Most people think that aging is just inevitable, and that nothing can be done about it.

Well, most people, unfortunately are out of shape, very unhealthy, and know very little about proper health.

Their perception is wrong, and I will tell you exactly why in this course.

Others ask: what is the problem with mainstream health and anti-aging advice?

As you will see in the course, many of the things you have been told about good health and aging are simply not true!

The role of cholesterol, the countless lies about “vegetable” oils, harmful drugs like statins, “healthy” whole grains…

The misinformation is endless, and it’s a guarantee that you’ve heard all of them!

I will sort out all of the lies for you as simply as possible.

Now, do you need my course to have the most up-to-date anti-aging research?

To be honest, no.

If you’d like, you can go out there and search for yourself!

You’ll find the problem I had – most information is not up-to-date or is flat out wrong.

You will spend too much time trying to find correct information, and worse yet, you might get the wrong information leading to a shorter, less healthy life span.

Isn’t it easier to have all the practical science-backed research in one place?

I have compiled this information for years and I put it in this simple, easy to use 2-hour course.

Now, let’s talk about what you’re going to get in this course.

Course Information

Here’s what’s included with Anti-Aging Blueprint

Module 1: What is aging?
Module 2: The Big 5 of Long Life
Module 3: Exercise and Aging
Module 4: Alcohol and Aging
Module 5: Food and Aging
Module 6: Blue Zones
Module 7: Hormesis
Module 8: Fasting and Calorie Restriction
Module 9: Geroprotectors
Module 10: Iron and Aging

This in itself, will set you up to living a long, healthy life.


I want to give you more.

I have added a TON of bonus content for you, in addition to Anti-Aging Blueprint.

Bonuses 5X

You will also receive:

Bonus #1: My 5 Star Rated Book, Muscle Up

Learn how strength training helps you avoid chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease..

Bonus #2: My 5 Star Rated Book, Dumping Iron

Learn in meticulous detail, even beyond the scope of our course, why excessive iron is the antithetical to health.

Bonus #3: A free copy of Stop the Clock: The Optimal Anti-Aging Strategy

The program outlined in this book requires nothing expensive and is solidly backed by the latest research in anti-aging science.

Bonus #4: A complimentary email consultation with me.

After you’ve gone through the course, send me an email with all of your questions.

Bonus #5: An interview with Dr. Zacharski - the world's foremost expert on iron.

Learn exactly how iron causes aging – and why too much should be avoided.

You can unlock the keys to live a more energetic, healthier, longer life backed by the most up-to-date research, in the most simple, consumable, actionable way possible.

You just have to ask yourself just one question now.

Is it worth the price of a few nights out…

To live a longer, heathier life that you’ll FEEL the results of – every single day?

Or do you feel like you’d rather keep living the way you do today?

Where it’s almost guaranteed that as you age, you’ll deal with less energy, chronic disease, and a lot more?

And perhaps, like many, living in a nursing home until your final moments?

Cramped living conditions, stuck on medication to live, and relying on a nursing aide just to help you go to the bathroom?

Of course not. You want to live an active long life.

You want to stay active, enjoy the fruits of your labor, and be a part of your grandchildren’s lives as you live your older years in harmony.

If you’re ready, then click Enroll Now to get started!“

Don't take my word for it.

Start your Anti-Aging Journey Today

Over the years I have learned about many of the lies of the industry – the ones that even you fall for. 

Wouldn’t you like to know the truth?

Forget magical pills, prescriptions and voodoo science…

Everything I teach you is 100% actionable and scientifically backed.

So if you want to discover…

You know what to do.

Join the thousands of my students who have taken action for their futures by enrolling onto my course now.

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(Video Course + Digital PDF Downlads)

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