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I joked the other day on Twitter about the Deep Soy State. (I can’t take credit for the expression; someone else whom I can’t now remember coined it.)

It may not be an actual conspiracy, but it might as well be. The environment around us is now constructed in such a way that unless you take active steps to avoid it, you will be caught in the web of junk food, sugar, soy, anti-meat propaganda, and statins that leads to obesity, flabbiness, low testosterone, and a general decline in both masculinity and health.

Not to mention the pervasive anti-male bias of mainstream culture.

Personally, that kind of thing provides me with more motivation than ever.

You can see the results of this all around you:

a combined rate of overweight and obesity that approaches 80%, higher than the official figure, bad enough in itself, of 70%;

men who have lost their zest for life; a secular decline in testosterone levels; 28% of Americans over the age of 40 taking statins, which promote diabetes, muscle weakness, and memory loss – that figure is likely higher for men, since they get statin prescriptions more often than women.

All of this is the environment that surrounds you, and unless you take active steps to strike out on your own, to create your own environment, it will grasp you in its clutches, leading to ill health, low energy, and dissatisfaction with life.

Big Food, Big Pharma, and a pervasive sense of self-entitlement conspire to make you fat and lazy and complacent.

You must go your own way.

The Health Environment

You get together with friends, and they think pizza, soda, and cookies are perfectly acceptable food.

You go out shopping, or to the park, and everyone is eating all the time. Even at your workplace, constant eating.

You see your doctor for a checkup, and he tells you to eat a low-fat diet and threatens a statin prescription.

And even at the gym, most of the peeps are doing cardio, which does nothing to prevent muscle loss with aging, or to prevent obesity.

Avoiding the conventional wisdom has never been more important. I actually feel sorry for men and women who don’t know better, who believe the mainstream, and end up obese, flabby, and on a statin, or with diabetes.

Avoiding Deep Soy

If you want to be or stay lean and muscular, maintain your energy and your potency, and avoid being placed on ineffective or even dangerous medications, most of what I’ve written on this website is relevant. My point here, however, is that everything around you conspires to rob you of your health and masculinity.

Using the Pareto principle that 20% of inputs give 80% of the results, here’s what I believe is most important:

Avoid the industrial, processed crap food that’s everywhere. This will take some effort. You’ll need to cook and eat most of your food at home. You may need to educate yourself not only in what’s healthy to eat, but also in how mainstream medicine and nutrition has gone wrong, so that you can be reassured that what you’re doing is healthy, and to give yourself the resolve to tread your own path. The main things you need to avoid are:

  • sugar
  • refined carbohydrates
  • vegetable oils

Avoiding them is harder than it looks, because virtually all processed and fast food is loaded with them

Lift weights. No other form of exercise fights aging, low testosterone, and lack of self-confidence like weightlifting. No other form of exercise makes you look better.

Lift weights with consistency and before long, all the peeps will be ‘mirin’. I see this all the time. On the internet, it’s easy to find men my age who look better and are built better than me, but in real life, it’s next to impossible.

If you want to look like the average person around you – obese, no muscle, sad – then do what they do. Succumb to environmental pressure. Conform.

If you want to look and be different, you need… discipline.

The discipline to create your own environment.

The discipline to work out when you may not feel like it.

The discipline to say “No!”

The discipline to say “Yes!”

So go grab your battle axe and start swinging, and ignore what the crowd wants you to do.

My book Muscle Up will help you on your way out of conformity and into a much better world.

PPS: Check out my Supplements Buying Guide for Men.

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  1. Very good post. Thank you, P. D.

    It really is about discipline. Many have the knowledge. Few will use it.

  2. Joe says:

    Hi PD!
    Related to the juice topic:
    1.) I drink about 4oz POM juice every other day with a few drops of BioSil.
    2.) I take a spoonful of L-arginine with about 4oz of apple juice before lifting and some days at night 30 minutes before going to bed.
    Any thoughts on these habits?

    • P. D. Mangan says:

      That’s a small amount, and if you have no weight to lose and are in good shape, not likely to be harmful IMO.

  3. peter connor says:

    I would only add to your wise advise, wild fish and organic food wherever you can find it. Here in AZ it is pretty available….

  4. bigmyc says:

    For what it might be worth, I think that you are a wee bit over the top with your conspiracy postulations. I get what you are trying to get across and that’s good enough but it is probably advisable to temper such beliefs. However, go ahead and do what you wish, it’s your blog anyhow. I just have a difficult time believing that the oligarchy could be so coordinated as to orchestrate the proliferation of soy, Bisphenols and phthalates, etc. into their plans for the “feminization” of Western society and all the while, have their plans happen to sync with the ideals of extreme left wing agendas.

    I think that a more likely scenario that has developed is that the preponderance of such “anti-male” substances into our contemporary life, courtesy of big business, has allowed the agendas of the “SJWs” and so-called, “cultural Marxists” to take considerable hold…at least more than would have ordinarily been appreciated.

    But of course, whether or not this is an actual coordinated effort between state sponsored social affectation and the oligarchy’s consumer offerings and their by-products, matters not. What matters is that the results are just the same and on that, we agree.

    • bigmyc says:

      Alright, since there’s no “edit” feature, I figured that I’d make the change here; my above post was wholly a reaction toward your Twitter post regarding what the “Deep Soy State” was. When I reread the post, I then noticed the bit about “..might as well be” located in the middle of the article, referring to the effects of a conspiracy.

      This is fortunate because I was beginning to wonder if I had run into some kind of nutritional, “Stefan Molyneaux….”

  5. Chris says:

    Can a man @40 begin building muscle? Im slim but have the Dad bod. Medium gut

    • Matthew says:

      Chris – Absolutely, yes! After years of desk-bound sloth, I got serious about lifting weights at 39 and have seen great results.

      The first year, my routine was free weights 5x per week, about an hour each session, different muscle group each day (chest, shoulders, back, legs, arms).

      During that first year, I was also VERY strict on what I ate, and ran a calorie deficit during the weekdays, based on a high protein / fat diet; basic/raw food. Nuts (plain walnuts, almonds), salmon or sardines, olive oil, salt for seasoning, half glass of red wine and a small portion of meat/veggies. On weekends I would pretty much cut loose to eat whatever, but still found myself avoiding carbs and processed food.

      I dropped 20 lbs – from 175 to 155, while my strength increased 2x or 3x and my waist size deceased from 34-35 to 31-32. Needless to say, I look and feel much better.

      I did very little cardio. I haven’t taken any supplements yet.

      Lately at 42 I have been more in “maintain” mode, 3x week at the gym. Still generally avoid carbs and processed food, but a little less strict than that first year.

      Stick with free weight, eat fat and protein in unprocessed or form, hit those weights and be dedicated for a year. You will be very glad you did.

    • P. D. Mangan says:

      Absolutely. Nothing at all stopping you at that age or indeed any age.

    • Nick says:

      YES! I just turned 52 and am getting stronger and building muscle, albeit slowly, having started to follow Mr. Mangan’s high-intensity methods just over a year ago. I’ve burned off a slight beer belly, as well as elsewhere; I seem to be one of those people who stores fat all over rather than just the gut. And when I was in the gym in my early 20’s, my partner & I determined I must be one of those accursed “hard-gainers”, in that I put on muscle and make strength gains more slowly than other guys, despite working hard. So you should do at least as well as me, young man.

      I hope no one minds, here’s a cropped-up photo of me on my birthday, which I made for my parents, who’ve not seen me since I started getting more fit. Just to prove I’m alive and well, you know, as parents like to hear from their kids.
      52 YO, 162#, 5’10”, heavy beer drinker, otherwise nearly ketogenic eater. (Really, I get about 20-25% of my calories from alcohol in the daily beer & wine consumption. If I had the discipline to cut that back a bit….)

      I’ve started going shirtless on our walks in the woods here when it’s warm enough, which I used to be ashamed to do. The missus is proud of my progress.

      To steal a slogan, just do it. The high intensity weight training method will train your cardio-vascular system as well as prevent injury, as it has you using lighter weights with slower, controlled motions, compared to the average person you see swinging heavy weights around in the gym.

  6. brbr says:

    I tought the pareto principle would be to donate blood and take aspirin and metformin pills but that’s just me…

  7. Montgomery says:

    “My point here, however, is that everything around you conspires to rob you of your health and masculinity.”

    Let’s move from conspiracy theory to some facts that are at least as outrageous:

    US __average__ (= a lot of people manage somehow being above that time) TV consumption
    is 8h per day.
    That means:
    In a lifetime of 75 years, average Americans
    sleep 25 years,
    work 25 years,
    watch TV 25 years.
    That was in 2007.
    Internet as entertainment device, video games and smartphone use add up on that time.

    If I would want to design a method to neutralize much of the population – making sure they do not
    learn, think or do anything useful, just sit and stare for 25 years and have their lives and brains burned out –
    I wouldn’t know how I could improve on that.

    The way most people today use the internet (as an entertainment device, not as a learning device)
    kills peoples’ cognitive abilities to a degree scientists call it “digital dementia” – because it downright destroys
    memory capacity and attention span, among other negative effects:

    This are facts.
    The idea that people are deliberately deceived and manipulated into feeding themselves with “feel good” food that makes them sick, dumb, sad, ugly, tired and weak seems to be only a minor aggravation.

    Just an idea, a “theory”:
    Keeping them dumb and docile is politically and financially useful.
    Making them sick by selling them food that causes cravings like a drug is very -and reliably – profitable.
    Then treating all those “deliberately grown” illnesses with expensive medicines is doubly -and reliably- profitable.

  8. Prin says:

    ”Not to mention the pervasive anti-male bias of mainstream culture.”

    You are absolutely right about that, Dennis. It has gotten ridiculous: modern feminists have become parodies of themselves. Frothing at the mouth, spewing hatred for men, yet unable to articulate exactly why men are so terrible…(When you see what they look like–usually obese, unkempt, and spiteful, it is clear why they do not have luck with men. They are not capable of looking at themselves as the problem. Everything is men’s fault.)

    I don’t know how many other women read this blog, but speaking for myself, I am old-fashioned when it comes to the male of the species–I prefer real men. I even like doors held open for me, heheh.

    One of the reasons I like this blog is because not only is are the posts concise, straightforward, and well-sourced, but the commenters here are also great. Comments are generally on-topic and interesting. Sometimes I learn as much from comments as from the original post (It helps that Dennis generously responds to our questions).

    I know this is a site for men, but I have never felt unwelcome or slighted here. And I have learned so much. All you guys are great! If more men were like the guys here and exposed to this information, and if more men were educated in the many insidious ways that environment, diet, harmful mainstream medical advice, and anti-male propaganda chip away at masculinity, maybe this attrition warfare on men can be left to bait and bleed amongst themselves.

    I believe mainstream society has created a very hostile environment towards men, especially in the United States. Men are vilified for being masculine, and militant feminists are out of their minds with misplaced hatred and blame. Even from where I live (Switzerland) we heard about “manspreading” becoming a thing. I thought that was a joke at first! Here there is mostly a soft version of feminism–still misguided–but nothing like what is going on over there.

    Feminists have gotten more than they asked for. Now they are upset when they have to split the bill on date night (you wanted equality). I am agog when I hear about women insisting that men are not even biologically different from women. Or when women whine about wage inequality, after they took 3 months maternity leave and plan on three more kids, and never work late or weekends because they chose to have a family (nothing wrong with family first, but then don’t demand to be paid the same as the guy who works until 20:00 every night plus Saturdays). That is not what I would call equal work for equal pay.

    There is a good book on this phenomenon called “Men On Strike” by Helen Smith. It is on my reading list. I have a long reading list.

    Anyway, thanks to everyone here for making this site a great place.


    • Paloma says:

      I agree with you, Prin. Well explained!

    • bigmyc says:

      Well, clearly and quite obviously you are merely a deeply indoctrinated product of the pervasive and pernicious patriarchy. You probably also stubbornly refuse to adopt the use of others’ alternative sets of pronouns. What’s next on your agenda, repealing women’s suffrage?

      Of course, I’m kidding. The extent that personal insults have been attributed to every quantifiable measure of society has long exceeded the point of absurdity. Accountability is only considered when it’s forced upon others. Of course and to be honest, the squeaky wheel is the one that gets the grease and with today’s media, I don’t expect a fair representation of how widespread such attitudes are. If you were to abide the typical “front line” news source, you’d think that the whims of every millennial college student are the norm cities and towns across America when the more likely climate is that such petulance is diluted by the more centrist appreciation for common sense across the country. Provocation sells, after all and “Big Media” is big business.

    • mark sanders says:

      I’m a man (as I suspect you are), but I don’t feel vilified by the media. Any guy who feels depressed because of what someone says on the internet or in a news story about men in general really needs to grow a pair.

  9. Bill says:

    PD, thanks for this. The ‘deep soy state’ sums it up. As for battle axe I prefer a splitter. Out there on a cold morning splitting logs. Great exercise and great for the mind as well.

  10. Daniel says:

    You’re the best, Mangan. I appreciate you mixing in these “attitudinal” posts along with your more science-heavy posts. This blog has the best mix of what, how and why to improve your health, especially for men. I was halfway considering skipping the gym today, but after reading this, I’m already reaching for my gloves and gym bag.

    Keep it up, my man!

    • Daniel says:

      PS: “Deep Soy State” sounds like something from the G Manifesto/Michael Mason. Maybe next we need a post about open water ocean swims, “all the oils”, and “swooping mass beaut girls.”

      (No one talks about this!)

  11. Montgomery says:

    Hypothesis: That conspiracy theory is true.

    Why not join the conspirators?
    One’s success in life is in many ways limited and hindered by all the other humans who compete for the same
    things like oneself.
    If you sabotage those combatants for life’s good things – social status, health, smarts, physical attractiveness, sex, money, power – you get more for yourself and have a better and easier life.

    Why spread the word?
    “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche” – and give them everything pleasurable to be lazy and indulge.

    Ideally, if the great majority is fat, ugly, ill, weak and well entertained – those who are in the opposite minority can almost live like little kings – easy sex, easy money, easy life.

    • bigmyc says:

      Not sure that it works like that, Machiavelli.
      Outside of the obvious tone of misanthropy, I suppose your view is a pragmatic one but I feel that its more logical and ultimate conclusion is that allowing such degradation of the general population to the benefit of oneself, will only lead to a breakdown the entire system. When this happens, the whole ship goes down…taking you with it…unless, of course, you are substantially larger than the “little king” that you referenced as you’d be able to have the resources to perhaps insulate yourself from the hell fire of a societal chaos.

      Basically, with your attitude, you are only working toward screwing yourself in the butt.

    • louis sir says:

      Look at what all this soy and such did to the millenials. As a proud Gen-X type, I noticed their sallow skin, non-lifty bods, and the girls’ facial acne.
      At times, one has to think It has to be a conspiracy.

  12. Vincent says:

    Jaco is a legend. The soy contamination is widespread, and seems like it’s taking over. Men even by soy products still,

    Why? It could be low education, they don’t value their hormones, who knows. There is a war on testosterone, and you’re right: You need to pay attention and avoid this bean at all costs.

  13. Erast Van Doren says:

    Cardio is the main AMPK activator. AMPK is the main surviving regulator. Absolutely disagree with you on the (un)importance of cardio. We need both – weight lifting AND cardio.

  14. louis sir says:

    I’ve been noticing this for a while. Say i want to enjoy a tasty piece of mass produced food, like a taco bell or a breakfast sandwich (hey, I can’t eat just two chicken legs a day). I have to be aware that the meat in there could be soy+cardboard. I’ve switched from sausage to bacon to hopefully avoid that mess when I do eat breakfast. Most mayonnaise now has heavy O-6 oils or soy shit. On the other hand, if I eat at a mom and pop place that uses real pieces of meat in their stuff, it could be made with hormones and gutter oil.
    I’m at least happy to work in an office environment that doesn’t have cake ceremonies every week.

    • Bill says:

      Louis, there is an assumption is your comment : that you can buy good healthy cheap meals.

      Sorry mate they don’t exist. It’s either make them yourself at home or pay good money for food made by cooks and chefs who know what is healthy for you.

  15. Kris says:

    Appreciate your important work here P.D. ! #deepsoy #soyboys

  16. Thomas J says:

    I like this metaphor. Its implication is that there isn’t a conspiracy in the sense that there is a ruling elite making coordinated efforts to turn us into “soy boys”. On the contraty, even if the health authorities went rogue, their efforts would be ineffective because the deep soy state would work against them at every level in the society all the time.

  17. jre says:

    And the fad of IPAs- filled with phyto-estrogen.

    I just bring up the generation that still sticks with Budweiser and compare them to the IPA beer drinkers (full of phytoestrogens).

    We poison ourselves in every aspect of our lives.

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